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Vintage Radio App w/ ILL Radio Show!

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Today I downloaded an app off of iTunes called 'Vintage Radio'. It cost $3.99 but was clearly worth it! It has well over 10,000 different episodes of shows including:


Easy Aces, 277 eps; was the inspiration for the infamous Canadian 'sitcom' The Trouble With Tracy


Granby's Green Acres, 6 eps; starring Bea Benadaret and Gale Gordon-13 episodes were produced, this was also the inspiration for Paul Henning's "Green Acres" with Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor.


The Jack Benny Show, 781 eps!


My Favorite Husband, 100 eps


Our Miss Brooks, 117 eps


The Red Skelton Show, 197 eps


and 100s more! 

But I wanted to focus on one radio show called I Love Lucy, there is only one episode, called 'Breaking The Lease', and it sounds like they created a radio version of the episode using the audio from the TV episode and new narrations by Desi, where he introduces a scene; like "Well, the next few days we spent packing. Finally, on Saturday morning, I put the last dish in the last barrel, and Lucy took the pictures off the wall. We were ready to leave the Mertzes' apartment house forever."

Has anyone else heard of this before? Did they make more episodes? More info would be welcome! ^_^




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