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Ricky Asks for a Raise

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I Love Lucy sort of defies logic occasionally. The Lucy Show does this towards the end, too. We know that Lucy would be dead after the freezer or the dry cleaning incident. We know that somebody would have caught that Aunt Martha's Salad dressing was just store-bought with special labels on it; but sometimes we have to ignore the stuff that doesn't make sense and just take it for what it is: funny- whether it's a candy factory assembly line or a man in a monkey suit making Lucy Carmichael go crazy.

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"Ricky Asks for a Raise" -- The disguises work for me. Littlefield hadn't met the Mertzes and didn't know Lucy all that well.  "Raise" is one of my favorites.  It's a PERFECT I Love Lucy episode. One of the best little scenes in this one where they hatch up the scheme after Fred says "I don't know if it'll make Ricky look good, but it'll sure make the other guy look bad".

In "Black Wig" it's logical that Lucy would think she could fool Ricky after the salon owner doesn't recognize her.


The worst logic defy-ers in this category is Lucy impersonating Crandall in "Moustache".  She looks and sounds nothing like him and wouldn't fool Ernie for a second.

Runner up : Lucy as Barbara Morrison in "Substitute Secretary", which I can excuse because the episode is so funny.  My favorite of the 5th season.

2nd runner up: Lucy pulling off Ironman Carmichael complete with lipstick, eye shadow and mascara.  But the episode is so enjoyably silly I can go along for the ride.  Love the first one with Joan Blondell.  Not as wild about Ironman 2, but like the Bob Crane episode. These episodes show just how far afield they had gone from the original Danfield premise.  Imagine a 1st season episode with Lucy as a stuntwoman. Never has a HIT show changed tone so drastically.  You could point to "Doris Day", but 1) it wasn't a true hit and 2) the premise may have changed but the tone of the comedy (dull) didn't.


If you pick "Million dollar Idea" apart, it doesn't really stand up either.  Not so much the switching of store-bought dressing but the ordering method.  Dicky Davis tells them they already have 23 orders by phone.  Did they give out the TV station phone number? And people just send postcards with their orders and no payment?  The apartment is a walk-up so how do they get the shopping carts down the stairs while wearing roller skates?  But again, the episode is so wonderful, these little things go by unnoticed to non-nit-pickers.


If you want logic defying, why doesn't Lucy recognize that her plumber is Richard Burton??  His "Sam the Plumber" overalls are not much of a disguise AND she's going there to see Burton.

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Oh for corn sakes, we all KNOW this is not Ibsen or Shakespeare, not even Irving Shakespeare, it's a tv comedy show, the aim was to make people laugh.  Sometimes they just threw logic out the window, how'd they get that elephant up those stairs???  Oh yeah, that's because it was a studio set, not a real apartment building, LOL!

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Maybe there is an opportunity here to create an guide of "B-Side" I Love Lucy episodes on everything going on behind the scenes -- such as the audition process for Xavier Valdez featuring the Vampirettes... or what was really going on in the apartment upstairs when Albert wasn't going to eat his lunch, or what Mrs. Trumbull was up to when the bullets were flying through her floor in The Adagio. lol

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