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Conversations you would have with Lucy


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I was always stuck with the part of Lee's book which described the two women sitting down next to Lucy and mentioning they came from Santiago Cuba to strike up a conversation about Desi. Image you were placed at the table next to Lucy, what would you do? Engage her in conversation or sit and stare? Play it cool and pretend you barely recognise her or start screaming? If you tried to talk to her what would it be about? Would you be as brave as those two women and shoot for personal Desi conversation, ask about slightly less personal things or just keep it professional and fawn like a true fan?


Similar question for if you got to be at one if university lectures. Would you ask about show business's, fantastic stories or go for personal? I remember that one women asking about the lowest point in her life and another asking about how she managed motherhood and a career and a third about what Desi was doing. She was offended over the motherhood question if I recall but reasonably happy to answer the rest.


I'd love to love how everyone would handle their own Lucy moments and how brave we would all be :D same question goes for Gary too. Ask him about lLucy, show business or just watch?

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What a great question. I think it would depend on the circumstances I met her under as to how I would strike up a conversation. I would not approach anyone who did not want to be approached but if the opportunity lent itself I would take it. I had the opportunity to meet an actress a few years ago both Charlie and I adore. It was at an after party for a play she was doing so it was a situation easy to approach someone in. I kept the conversation light. Said that I enjoyed the show (which was making it’s premiere) and asked if she was going to transfer with it to NYC. I would use this same approach again as it gets the person talking, you are not fawning all over them (which I think Lucy would just be bored with) but you are engaging them in what they are doing at that time and what they are excited about at the moment. The constant thing that I’ve heard about Lucy is if she liked you she loved you and couple that with her no BS attitude you need a good way to approach her, but do it right and I think you were always in her good graces. I would keep it light and never ask anything personal. I would love to ask personal questions but I think you have to gain someone’s trust before you go there.




I’ve only had a chance to listen to that one 3 hour seminar that was recently posted and the AM America show. What I get from those is she was a lot more free with what she talked about. She really seemed to listen and then made the person asking the question answer her questions to really work out an answer/solution. I’m surprised she was as candid as she was in those seminars. I was just under the impression that she talked about the business and didn’t get into anything personal but from accounts I’ve heard and what you mention she did. I think the lowest point in your life question is a very valid question and glad someone asked it as it plays into how did you overcome that. It’s a question you can learn from. By the way what seminar was that in and what was her answer? Was it just the divorce and what we’ve heard her say about it before, did she elaborate or was it something else? Not having heard it but I have a feeling based on how I’ve heard her answer similar questions the motherhood/career question got the tone it did because she never saw it as an issue and probably didn’t understand why someone would care. It was just something she had to do, not looking at it with how many women question it now days. Or she secretly had guilt and just wasn’t going to discuss that. I think I would somehow ask a hybrid question to get her to talk about something in her assent in the business but with the goal that she would tap into something in her personal life that would open up that aspect. Or just go with something light hearted to get her to tell some story about something crazy, like Zazu Pitts, detecting the Japanese in her teeth, some equally as crazy story. She was a great story teller.

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