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Interview Treasures


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I LOVE discovering new, fantastic interviews which shed light on things. I was hoping we could help build up so great interviews that we may not have seen and discovered yet. I discovered Stu's show here and I'm so grateful I found it because boy is that a treasure trove. I'd love to discover more of the same.


Lucie Arnaz discussing Edie, Desi and Lucy & being a child of a divorce. This is a Youtube clip of her signing the song I love you which Desi apparently sung to Edie. Great if you haven't heard much about Edie before. 


Archive of American Television. 

If you haven't visited this website before then definitely do it! They have some great interviews. I'll list a few that hopefully haven't all been watched before.


Herbert F. Solow: good run-done out business at Desilu in addition to Desi leaving and what he thinks of Gary -http://www.emmytvlegends.org/interviews/people/herbert-f-solow#


Dixon Dern, the lawyer for Desilu: another good discussion of the business and Desi in particular. 



Dick Martin: brief discussion of his 13 weeks working on the Lucy Show and his involvement with Desi and Lucy. Nice mention of his feelings about their relationship. 


I'll keep on adding more but I'd love to discover new interviews, so please keep on adding!  

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