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Jody Gilbert

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In "The Opposite Sex" the 1957 musical remake of "The Women" after Dolores Gray has her nails done by Alice Pearce she passes through the exercise room on her way to the steambath.  Jody Gilbert, looking appropriately uncomfortable and annoyed, is standing in one of these butt-jiggling belt contraptions you only saw in the movies.   Haven't watched the rest of the movie yet but so far she does not have any lines.

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Wow I saw this just a few months ago and completely missed Jody Gilbert (and how was THAT possible?) - of course if it was just an extra part it's understandable.  


To me the main highlight of this very mediocre remake was the chance to see 1940's radio comedienne Barbara Jo Allen (aka Vera Vague) in one of her very rare film appearances, in a delightful satire of Hedda Hopper. 

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