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13 Ways "I Love Lucy" would be different if filmed today

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Courtesy of Faux News:


Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz were considered innovators in the TV industry when “I Love Lucy” first aired, and in the 1950s, they most certainly were. But looking back at the show now, it’s amazing to see what pushing boundaries meant, and how drastically times have changed, both on and off screen. Here, let us ‘splain: 

1. Lucy and Ricky would have slept in the same bed

Thanks to shows like “True Blood,” “Masters of Sex” and “Game of Thrones,” sex and nudity are pretty much the norm for modern-day television. But for Lucy and Ricky’s 1950s marriage, even sleeping in the same bed on-screen was considered crossing the line. While they wouldn’t necessarily be turning into vampires and ripping each others’ clothes off if their show aired today, the Ricardos definitely wouldn’t be sleeping in two twin beds.


2. The 'Job Switching' episode would never have happened

“Let’s face it, Rick-- when it comes to money, there are two kinds of people: the earners and the spenders… or, as they’re more popularly known, husbands and wives.”

Think “Scandal’s” Olivia Pope or “House of Card’s” Claire Underwood would stand for that kind of talk from Fred Metz? Think again.

In the show, Ricky claims women are only capable of, “lying around the house all day.” We're glad his remarks led to the classic Lucy and Ethel chocolate factory scene.


3. Lucy would have been 'pregnant'

We know what you’re thinking—what about Little Ricky?? Yes, Lucy was “expecting” on the show (and in real life), she was “with child,” she was “having a baby,” but she never uttered the word “pregnant” to describe her state—that would just be distasteful. Each episode during the pregnancy was reviewed by a priest, minister and rabbi before it aired just to be safe. Today, we’re lucky if we don't get a zoomed-in shot of the obstetrician’s view from the delivery room.


10 More HERE: http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2014/06/05/13-ways-love-lucy-would-be-different-if-filmed-today/




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18. The audience would sit there through take after take.  The entire show would take 6 hours to film instead of the, what..hour (hour and 1/2?) it took.


And by the way, their "interracial" marriage was NOT an issue as presented on the show.

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The grape stomping sequence could never have happened without militant armchair activists screaming bloody murder about wasting food when there are starving people in third world countries. Even if the show used artificial grapes and issued multiple press releases explaining about how no actual food was wasted, they wouldn't take the time to read it and would instead clamor nonstop for boycotts.

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