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Weird Magazine Ad w/ Lucy

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My grandma died a couple of years ago and we were at her house going through stuff today. I found a magazine called McCallum's Women's Magazine and the first page I opened to was an ad for encyclopedia brittanica with a testimonial by our very own. It read as follows:

"Would you believe....? I fell in love with an encyclopedia. Sound crazy? Maybe it is. But a short time ago, I had an oppurtunity to preview Brittanica's new encyclopedia and believe me, it's nothing like the old one my family cherished for years. If you or your children need to have at your fingertips, a way to find out about anything at all, there's no better family encyclopedia around."


It's followed by her signature. There's also a tiny drawing of lucy in the corner. I have never heard of this before. Did she make more encyclopedia ads? I just thought this was a really weird 'testimony' too.post-5222-0-58086400-1403152531_thumb.jpg

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There were a series of Lucy "Britannica" ads. They all featured the same image and testimonial, but in different formats.


Rummaging through several boxes of old Canadian TV guides from the 70s at a flea market one day several years ago, I came across four or five different varieties.

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