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Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Chronology - Week 2 - November


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November 9


Ed Wynn, mentor and friend of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, who filmed the 'pilot' for what was ultimately to become the legendary (“I Love Lucyâ€) on the same stage as Wynn's television show, just a few months prior to the date they each performed on his show, Christmas Eve 1949, highlights including a silent movie sketch, with Lucille portraying actress, Theda Bara, and Desi Arnaz singing Babalu; guest appears Desilu Productions' Shower of Stars, 1954 and 1955; appears with Lucille and Desi, Toast of the Town, 1958; guest appears Desilu Productions' December Bride, 1958; and guest appears on Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse, 1960, is born this date in 1886.

Hedy Lamarr, appears with Lucille Ball Show Business at War, 1943, Desilu Productions', Shower of Stars, 1957; with Lucille, Showbiz Goes to War, 1982, with Lucille and Desi Arnaz, Hollywood Out-takes and Rare Footage, and American Masters: Judy Garland By Myself, 1983; with Lucille, via archival footage, Entertaining the Troops, and That's Entertainment! III, 1994; as well as Ziegfeld Girl Intro, 2004, is born this date in 1914.

William Frawley (Lucy's Fred Mertz), appears in Paramount Picture's, Ship Cafe, as Briney O'Brien, co-starring Irving Bacon and Hedda Hopper, among many others, released on this date in 1935.

LA Examiner, by Harry Friedman, Room Service: “An RKO picture, swell farcical entertainment; moves speedily along, with crazy adventures, Lucille Ball, as Groucho's friend,†published this date in 1938.

Hollywood Citizen News, Room Service, by Carl Combs: “The picture is a translation of the Broadway Stage success, for which RKO-Radio acquired the screen rights. A neat performance by Lucille Ball, with the Marx Brothers, one of only two female roles,†published this date in 1938.

(“I Love Lucyâ€) “The Fur Coat†– wherein Lucy finds an expensive fur coat, and makes assumptions, and which is filmed this date in 1951.

Desi Arnaz appears as the Mystery Guest on (“What's My Line?â€), on this date in 1952.

(“I Love Lucyâ€) “Lucy Tells the Truthâ€â€“ with veteran supporting cast members, Doris Singleton, Shirley Mitchell and Charles Lane, as the casting director - Lucy must tell the truth for 24 hours, episode is based, in part, on My Favorite Husband “Absolute Truth,†airing this date in 1953.

(“I Love Lucyâ€) “Lucy and the Loving Cupâ€â€“ guest co-starring jockey, Johnny Longdon, as himself, wherein Ricky is to give a trophy to the most successful jocky in history, Lucy buying a new hat for the occasion, and which episode is filmed this date in 1956.

Wall Street Journal, “Arnaz Quits Presidency of Desilu; Former Wife, Lucille Ball Gets Postâ€, published this date in 1962.

Industry insiders are stunned when Corporate President, Desi Arnaz, abruptly departed the studio, two weeks after he had announced Desilu's ambitious 1963-64 production slate, on this date in 1962.

Desi Arnaz sells his share of Desilu Productions for approximately $3 million to Lucille Ball, who becomes President of the Company, this date in 1962.

NY Times: “Miss Ball Named Desilu President,†published this date in 1962.

The Post Journal, Jamestown NY - Hollywood (AP) Will Acquire Control of Enterprise Lucille Ball Named President of Desilu “Actress, Lucille Ball, is taking over as President of Desilu Productions and will acquire control of the multi-million-dollar enterprise by buying out ex-husband Desi Arnaz. Desi resigned Thursday and the Board of Directors immediately named Miss Ball to succeed him,†published this date in 1962.

The Lucy Show “Lucy Makes a Pinch†- Bob O'Brien, writer - Lucy, now a member of the police department, acts as a decoy, airing this date in 1964.

James Kern, wrote song The Little Red Fox in Lucille Ball early film-career 1939, Screenwriter, Look Who's Laughing, 1941, Director, (“I Love Lucyâ€) Christmas Show, 1956, as well as 39 episodes between 1955-1957; dies this date in 1966.

Gerald Mohr, veteran supporting co-star, (“I Love Lucyâ€), 1953; Desilu Productions' The Californians, 1958; The Texan, 1959; Desilu Studios-filmed The Red Skelton Show, 4 episodes 1957-1960; Desilu Productions' Harrigan and Son, 1960; Desilu Studios-filmed The Jack Benny Program, 1962; as well as The Lucy Show, 1968, dies this date in 1968.

(“Here's Lucyâ€) “Lucy Cuts Vincent's Price†- Lucy takes a painting to an art expert, guest co-star, Vincent Price, and is mistaken as his new horror movie's victim, there to rehearse, with veteran supporting cast member, Jack Collins, airing this date in 1970.

Lucie Arnaz appears, as guest star, on CBS', Glenco Productions', The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour, airing this date in 1971.

John J. 'Red' Fox, Lucille Ball guest star, The Lucy Show, 2 episodes with Vivian Vance (Lucy's Ethel Mertz) 1965, as well as with Vivian, 1968; guest again, 1971; Lucille guest star, (“Here's Lucyâ€) with Lucie and Desi Arnaz IV, 1968, 1969, 1970, guest again, 1972; with Lucie, 1974; as well as with Desi Arnaz IV, The Love Boat 1978, dies this date in 1984.

Lucille Ball guests on CBS half-hour Super Password, playing for the John Wayne Cancer Center charity, this date in 1988.

Art Carney, Lucille Ball guest co-star, 1967, 1974, and 1976, dies this date in 2003.

Avril Angers, known as the 'Lucille Ball of the United Kingdom', dies in London, England, this date in 2005.


November 10


Richard Burton, Lucille Ball guest co-star, (“Here's Lucyâ€), 1970; a guest appearance on CBS Salutes Lucy: The First 25 Years, 1976, as well as The American Film Institute Salute to Henry Fonda, 1978, is born this date in 1925.

Lucille Ball appears in an uncredited role, as one of the Goldwyn Girls, in United Artists' Samuel Goldwyn film, Kid Millions, starring Eddie Cantor, Paul Harvey, Ethel Merman, George Murphy, and Ann Sothern; with Paulette Goddard, Dennis O'Keefe, Barbara Pepper, in uncredited roles, released this date in 1934.

LA Evening Herald Express, Harrison Carroll: “Lucille Ball says she is far too busy to marry anyone,†published this date in 1937.

LA Evening Herald Express, Harrison Carroll: “Lucille Ball describes a long-distance call from Desi Arnaz, who's in Puerto Rico on a Caribbean camp tour. Every time they'd say something, the censor would cut in and warn it was a forbidden subject. The only thing Lucille was able to tell Desi was that she had finished work on DuBarry Was a Lady and that she missed him,†published this date in 1942.

Lucille Ball appears on CBS Radio, Lux Radio Theater “The Dark Corner,†co-star Mark Stevens, (thereafter to be made into a movie, with Lucille and Mark co-starring), this date in 1947.

(“I Love Lucyâ€)â€The Courtroom†- trying to help celebrate the Mertzes anniversary turns into a court appearance, the episode having been written because Lucille thought the set was looking shabby, and the distraction in this episode detracted from Lucy's expanding waistline, supporting cast, Harry Bartell, Moroni Olsen, and Robert B. Williams, airing this date in 1952.

Desilu Studios-filmed Make Room for Daddy “The Visiting Englishmanâ€, Sheldon Leonard, Director, with James A. Paisley, Assistant Director, starring Danny Thomas, Rusty Hamer; Jesse White; with Jean Hagen and Sherry Jackson, among others; also, W. Argyle Nelson, Production Manager; as well as Dann Cahn, Editorial Supervisor, and Mel Shavelson, Story Consultant; airs this date in 1953.

Desi Arnaz and Orchestra record the background music for CBS-TV (“I Love Lucyâ€), Episode #137, is filmed this date in 1955.

Lucille Ball and Keith Thibodeaux (Little Ricky) appear on TV Radio Life cover this date in 1956.

Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse, Desi Arnaz in charge of production; directed by Claudio Guzman, The Time Elementâ€, written by Rod Serling, and co-starring William Bendix, Martin Balsam, Joe DeRita, Don Keefer and Darryl Hickman; with Bert Granet, Producer; Jack Aldworth, Associate Producer, W. Argyle Nelson, Production Supervisor, and James A. Paisley, Production Manager; as well as Costumer, Della Fox, airs this date 1958.

Desilu Productions' Angel, starring Annie Farge, as Angel, created by Jess Oppenheimer; as Executive Producer, “The French Lessonâ€, co-starring Don Keefer, Doris Singleton, Marshall Thompson' guest starring Joe Besser, Mel Blanc, Dayton Lummis, and Howard Wendell; with Eliot Daniel, composer, original music; Wilbur Hatch, original music; Hal King and Irma Kusely, hair stylists; W. Argyle Nelson, Production Supervisor, James A. Paisley, Production Manager, airs this date in 1960.

(“Here's Lucyâ€) “Lucy at the Drive-In Movie†- Kim and her date go to a drive-in; Harry and Lucy disguise themselves as hippies and follow them, airing this date in 1969.

Lucille Ball appears on and produces CBS’ Timex Presents: A Lucille Ball Special: “Happy Anniversary and Goodbye,†the Michaels, Lucille Ball and Art Carney, marry off their daughter; are unhappy with themselves; separate; then, rediscover each other, airing this date in 1974.

Several scenes from (“I Love Lucyâ€), an alien performance of an episode where the characters are clearly defined, - Steven Spielberg's, Amazing Stories, anthology series, airs this date in 1985.

Variety: “Lucille Ball's TV series has come . . . to an end,†published this date in 1986.

Lucille Ball guests on CBS' half-hour Super Password, playing for the John Wayne Cancer Center charity, this date in 1988.

Chuck Connors, was TV's, The Rifleman, for five years; guest star, Desilu Productions', Cavalcade of America, 1955; Desilu-filmed, The Adventures of Jim Bowie, 1958; as well as Lucille Ball guest co-star, (“Here's Lucyâ€) 1973, dies this date in 1992.

Vancouver (B.C.) Sun, Alex Strachan: “50 Years Later, We Still Love Lucy; Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz Revolutionized Television,†published this date in 2001.

Jack Palance, Lucille Ball co-star, 1963, dies this date in 2006.

Laraine Day, actress, friend of the Arnazes, guest co-star, Desilu Productions', Here's Hollywood, 1961, dies this date in 2007.


November 11


Clifton Webb, stage co-star, William Frawley (Lucy's Fred Mertz), She's My Baby, 1928; Lucille Ball film co-star, Twentieth Century-Fox, The Dark Corner, as Hardy Cathcart, 1946, is born this date in 1889.

Pat O'Brien, as Chief Michael 'Mike' Mallory; Desi Arnaz co-star, as Pat Tariba, The Navy Comes Through, 1942; Desilu-filmed, The Red Skelton Show, 1957; Desilu Productions' Harrigan & Son, 9 episodes between 1960-1961, as Jim Harrigan; as the Vice President, with Lucie Arnaz, as Saunders MacArthur, Billy Jack Goes to Washington, 1977, is born this day in 1899.

Joe Penner, Lucille Ball, co-star, early film-career, Go Chase Yourself, 1938, also starring Jack Carson, Dick Lane, and Chuck Hamilton; as well as Clayton Moore, the 50's Lone Ranger, in an uncredited role, as reporter, is born this date in 1904.

Robert Ryan, co-star, William Frawley (Lucy's Fred Mertz), Golden Gloves, 1940; guest, Desilu Productions' Here's Hollywood, 1961; as well as co-star, Vivian Vance (Lucy's Ethel Mertz), The Front Page, 1970; is born this date in 1909.

Al Simon, former radio writer, hired on the set of (“I Love Lucyâ€) set in July 1951; served as Production Manager, 33 episodes, 1951-1952, who had for a number of years, been experimenting with the three-camera filming system, with live audiences on the set of CBS-TV , Truth or Consequences, with Ralph Edwards; instrumental in bringing Academy Award-winning cinematographer genius, Karl Freund, on board, who remained until 1956, keeping in constant contact with director and camera coordinator via Al's two-way intercom system, which he developed in 1951; producer 2 episodes, Desilu-filmed, The Jack Benny Program, 1954, and again in 1955-1961; is born this date in 1911.

Patric Knowles, Lucille Ball early film-career co-star, Beauty For The Asking, as Denny Williams, and Five Came Back, as Judson Ellis, 1939, is born this date in 1911.

Jess Oppenheimer, creator/writer (“I Love Lucyâ€) called 'the brains' by Lucille Ball; presided over all meetings and ran the whole show; wrote for Fred Astaire radio program in the 30's; next, gag writer for Jack Benny's radio program; and for many other stars, including Burns and Allen, Bob Hope, and many others; and in 1948, accepted a script-writing assignment for Lucille Ball's My Favorite Husband radio sitcom; CBS soon making him head writer, producer and director; this venue marked the beginning of his collaboration with Madelyn Davis and Bob Carroll, Jr., and (“I Love Lucyâ€) history, for which Jess wrote the 'pilot'; and created the characters, and wrote 153 episodes, leaving for NBC network in 1956; again to reunite with Lucille in later years on many occasions. Jess received 2 Emmy Awards; 5 Emmy nominations; a Sylvania Award, and the Writers' Guild of America's Paddy Chayefsky Laurel Award for Television Achievement along the way; as well as being an avid inventor, holding 18 patents, one of which includes the in-the-lens teleprompter used by everyone from news anchors to presidents, and first used by Lucille and Desi in a 1953 television commercial for Philip Morris cigarettes, is born this date in 1913.

Jonathan Winters, appears with William Frawley (Lucy's Fred Mertz) The NBC Comedy Show, 1956; appears with Lucille Ball, archivally, The Carol Burnett Show: A Reunion, 1993; with Lucille, archivally, The Best of the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts, 1998; as well as with Lucille, archivally, Bob Monkhouse's Comedy Heroes, 2004, is born this date in 1925.

Lucille Ball appears, as Annabel Allison, in RKO film, Annabel Takes a Tour, co-starring Ralph Forbes, Cecil Kellaway, Jack Oakie, and Pepito, released this date in 1938.

LA Examiner, Louella O. Parsons: “Lucille Ball has been borrowed from RKO for MGM, Remember Tomorrow, the same type of role she played in Stage Door,†published this date in 1938.

Denise Alexander, guest co-star, Desilu Productions', The Walter Winchell File, 1958; Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse, 1958; Desilu Productions', The Ann Sothern Show, 1959, Desilu-filmed, Make Room for Daddy, 1959, and Angel, [unknown year], is born this date in 1939.

LA Evening Herald Express, “Can't blame anybody these days for dreaming of a place to get away from it all, and Lucille Ball is sure she has found the place near the town of Antigua in Guatemala. She's bought 5 acres there, sight unseen, on recommendation of a friend, who also has bought acreage there; a short few hourstrain ride from the coast, where a person can live on $20 a month. She plans to visit soon, after A Girl, A Guy and a Gob. Of course, with Desi Arnaz in NY, it will have to be a pretty good Shangri-La to drag the star as far away as Guatemala,†published this date in 1940.

Time: Bosley Crowther, Movie Critic: Review of Too Many Girls, described Desi Arnaz as “a noisy Latin, whose face unfortunately lacks expression and whose performance is devoid of grace,†is published this date in 1940.

Lucille Ball appears on NBC Radio, The Abbott and Costello Show, airing this date in 1943.

Lucille Ball and co-star, Richard Denning, appear, My Favorite Husband “Baby Sittingâ€, this date in 1949.

Lucille Ball and co-star, Richard Denning, appear, My Favorite Husband “Vacation From Marriageâ€, airing this date in 1950.

Jess Oppenheimer, creater/writer, (“I Love Lucyâ€) was given a surprise fortieth birthday party by the cast the night of dress rehearsal for “Lucy Has Her Eyes Examinedâ€, the cake inscribed “Happy Birthday to . . . The Brainsâ€, this date in 1953.

Desi Arnaz and Orchestra record the background music for CBS-TV (“I Love Lucyâ€), Episode #111, is filmed this date in 1954.

Wall Street Journal: “Desilu announced it had filed a regulations statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission for public offering of 525,000 shares of common stock which would include 250,000 sold by the company and 275,000 shares sold by the Arnazes . . .this date in 1958.

Wall Street Journal, “Desilu Stock Sale of 525,000 Shares, at $10.00 Per Shareâ€, published this date in 1958.

Lucille Ball appears on NBC, The Danny Kaye Show, Lucille's first variety show appearance since Ed Sullivan's in 1962, the first reuniting of Jess Oppenheimer and Lucille since he left (“I Love Lucyâ€) in 1956; the show nominated for an Emmy; and broadcast this date in 1962.

The Top Ten TV Shows for the period November 11 - November 25 are: Beverly Hillbillies(*), Red Skelton(*), Candid Camera, Ben Casey, (“I Love Lucyâ€)(*), Danny Thomas(*), Jack Benny(*), Andy Griffith(*), Gunsmoke, and (“I've Got A Secretâ€). 5 of the top ten were on Monday night; 9 of the 10 were CBS, and, those 5, were Desilu Studios-filmed(*) programs!!! NBC's top entry was Bonanza, at #13.

The Lucy Show “Lucy and the Bank Scandal†- Chris comes home with Mooney's son, and Mooney comes home with gifts, Lucy jumping to conclusions about his honesty, airing this date in 1963.

(“Here's Lucyâ€) “Lucy and Eva Gabor†- Lucy takes in a writer, airing this date in 1968.

Roger C. Carmel, cast member, Desilu-filmed, My Living Doll, 1964-65; star, Desilu Productions', The Mothers-in-Law, dies this date in 1986.

Lucille Ball guests on CBS’ half-hour Super Password, playing for the John Wayne Cancer Center charity, this date in 1988.

Desi Arnaz IV, Executive Producer - The CBS (“I Love Lucyâ€) 50th Anniversary Special, a Primetime Emmy-nominated retrospective honoring the anniversary of the debut of TV's pioneer program - co-hosted by Dick Van Dyke and Whoopi Goldberg with clips from the original series; all four stars, via archival footage, and Keith Thibodeaux (“I Love Lucyâ€) Little Ricky; many other guest stars, in person and via archival footage(s); recalling memories and the impact the Show had on American culture; including Jess Oppenheimer, via arhival footage, Jess' son, Gregg; Dann Cahn, Senior Editor; Madelyn Davis, Bob Schiller, and Bob Carroll, Jr., writers (“I Love Lucyâ€) William Asher and Maury Thompson, Directors; as well as Lucie Arnaz performing “Patriaâ€; Desi Arnaz IV – the broadcast is part of the (“I Love Lucyâ€) Experience, a tour scheduled to wind its way across the country for four years, featuring a plaza of three interactive games with audience participation, and replicas of the most famous 'sets' in television history: the NY apartment; the Beverly Palms Hotel; and the Tropicana Nightclub; currently, a permanent part of the Desilu Playhouse, housed in the Rapaport Building, corner of Main and Third Streets, Jamestown, NY, as of June, 2005, grand opening occurring during Lucy's Birthday Celebration, August 5, 2005, airing this date in 2001.

Washington Post, “Lucy & Baba-luminous,†published this date in 2001.

Keith Andes, award-winning Broadway actor, Lucille Ball's co-star in Wildcat, and guest co-star in The Lucy Show, 1963, dies this date in 2005.


November 12


Jack Oakie, Lucille Ball's early film-career friend and co-star, Paramount's Murder At The Vanities, 1934; That Girl From Paris, 1937; and RKO Radio's Annabel Series, Annabel Takes A Tour and The Affairs of Annabel, 1938; as well as Desilu Productions' Shower of Stars, 2 episodes, 1955; Desilu-filmed, The Real McCoys, 3 episodes, 1963; is born this date in 1903.

Jo Stafford, Lucille Ball co-star, DuBarry Was A Lady, 1943; guest Desilu Productions', Shower of Stars â€, The Red Skelton Show “Friends of Red Skelton Variety Show and Shower of Stars, 1958; as well as co-star/performer, with Desi Arnaz IV, The Mambo Kings, 1992, is born this date in 1917.

Ray Kellogg, guest Desilu Studios-filmed The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp, 4 episodes, 1955-1960; co-star with William Frawley (Lucy's Fred Mertz), Desilu-filmed, The Red Skelton Show, 1958, and 6 other episodes, 1957-1959, guest, Desilu Productions', The Californians, 1957, The Walter Winchell File, 1958, 1959, The Gun of Zangara, 1960, The Untouchables 1960, Desilu-filmed, The Dick Van Dyke Show, 6 episodes 1962-63, The Bill Dana Show 1963, Desilu Productions', Glynis, 1963; veteran supporting cast member, The Lucy Show, 3 episodes, 1964; co-starring with Lucie Arnaz, 2 episodes, 1966; Desilu Productions' Vacation Playhouse, 1966; The Lucy Show, co-starring with Vivian Vance (Lucy's Ethel Mertz), 1967, 1968, is born this date in 1919.

William Lanteau, Lucille Ball guest co-star, The Facts of Life, 1960; Desilu Studios-filmed The Andy Griffith Show, 1960; Desilu Productions' The Bill Dana Show, 1963; Mr. & Mrs., 1964; The Lucy Show, 1967; Desilu Productions', The Mothers-in-Law, 1968; (“Here's Lucyâ€); with Lucie and Desi Arnaz IV, 1969; “Lucy and Alladin's Lampâ€, with Lucie and Desi IV; 1971; 1973; and Lucille-directed, Bungle Abbey, written by Seaman Jacobs, 1981, is born this date in 1922.

Lucille Ball appears in United Artists’ comedy short, Perfectly Mismated, released this date in 1934.

LA Evening Herald Express, Jimmy Starr: “Freddie Ball, Lucille's kid brother, is in town to see what's going on,†published this date in 1934.

Desi Arnaz' first television appearance could be seen in the downstairs lounge of Radio City Music Hall (one of 120 TV sets in existence consisting of a four-foot high kinescope), demonstrating the Conga with Diosa Costello, this date in 1939.

Lucille Ball appears on NBC Radio The Bob Hope Show, on this date in 1946.

Lucille Ball appears, as Margaret Weldon, in Columbia film Her Husband's Affairs, also starring Edward Everett Horton, Gene Lockhart and Franchot Tone; as well as Brooks Benedict, Dwayne Hickman and Larry Parks, in uncredited roles, as well as Chuck Hamilton, character actor/stuntman, released this date in 1947.

(“I Love Lucyâ€) “The Quiz Show†- the first appearance of many, for veteran supporting cast member, Frank Nelson, as Freddie Fillmore, and Phil Ober [husband to Vivian Vance (Lucy's Ethel Mertz)] makes his Lucy debut, from this episode on, Lucille recognizes that Vivian makes very astute observations and comes to rely on her more and more over the years, with cast members, John Emery, Lee Millar, Hazel Pierce (Lucille's stand-in), airing this date in 1951.

Desilu Productions' Cavalcade of America, “A Romance to Rememberâ€, co-starring Dan O'Herlihy, among others, airs on this date in 1952.

Desi Arnaz and the Desi Arnaz Orchestra record the background music for CBS-TV (“I Love Lucyâ€) Episode #77, is filmed this date in 1953.

CBS The Lucy Show - 30-minutes, black & white this is not a misprint, nor Miss Ball's classic 1960's sitcom. The re-runs of (“I Love Lucyâ€) on Sundays had done so well for CBS, it decides to add this extra night of (“I Love Lucyâ€) re-runs on Saturdays in the very early evening. New graphics are made to reflect the change of title and sponsor this date in 1955.

(“I Love Lucyâ€) “Off To Florida†- Lucy loses her train tickets; she and Ethel accept a ride to Florida, believing the driver to be an ax murderer, Else Manchester, guest co-starring with Strother Martin, with Keith Thibodeaus, as Little Ricky, airing this date in 1956.

The Lucy Show, “Lucy Is a Kangaroo for a Day†- the first appearance for veteran supporting cast member, Sid Gould, Gary Morton's cousin, who will be used to capacity for the next fifteen years, an episode where Lucy takes a secretarial job to earn money to buy a bicycle for her son, airing this date in 1962.

Desilu Productions', The Greatest Show on Earth “An Echo of Faded Velvetâ€, starring Jack Palance, as Johnny Slate, co-starring, John Astin, Felicia Farr and Anthony Franciosa, among others, airs this date in 1963.

Lucille Ball, Gary Morton, Lucie and Desi Arnaz IV appear on CBS' Password, airing this date in 1964.

Desi Arnaz Productions', Desi executive producer, The Mothers-in-Law, “I Thought He'd Never Leaveâ€; co-star, Larry Storch, as Ralph, with regular cast members, airs this date in 1967.

(“Here's Lucyâ€) “Tipsy Through the Tulips- a famous writer, Foster Brooks, guest co-starring, hires Lucy to keep him sober to complete his latest novel; hides booze everywhere; and soon, both are inebriated, with veteran supporting cast member, Jack Collins, airing this date in 1973.

Lucille Ball guests on CBS half-hour Super Password, playing for the John Wayne Cancer Center charity, this date in 1988.

Eve Arden, Lucille Ball early-film career co-star, 1937, 1938. Vivian Vance (Lucy's Ethel Mertz), co-star, Broadway, 1940s;co-star, William Frawley (Lucy's Fred Mertz), 1950; (“I Love Lucyâ€), 1955; and star, Desilu The Mothers-in-Law, 1967-69, dies this date in 1990.

Peter Leeds, veteran supporting cast member, (“I Love Lucyâ€), 1952, The Long, Long Trailer, 1953; Desilu Productions' Our Miss Brooks, 1953-1956; Willy, 1955; (“I Love Lucyâ€), 1956; Official Detective, 1957; Desilu Productions', The Scarface Mob, 1959; December Bride, 1959; The Ann Sothern Show, 1959; Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse, 1959; Lucille Ball film, The Facts of Life, 1960; Desilu Productions', The Untouchables, 1960; The Comedy Spot, 1960; guest, Desilu Studios-filmed, The Joey Bishop Show, 1961, as well as (“Here's Lucyâ€), 1971, dies this date in 1996.

The occasion of (“I Love Lucyâ€) 50th Anniversary, CBS' Special (Executive Producers, Lucie Arnaz and Desi Arnaz IV), featuring many Hollywood stars paying tribute to Lucy and the show performances and new interviews with Lucie and Desi; and interviews with (“I Love Lucyâ€) director, William Asher, writers Madelyn Pugh-Davis, Bob Carroll, Jr., Bob Schiller, and Gregg Oppenheimer, the special broadcast, this date in 2001.

Ira Levin, playwright and author, Critic's Choice, Lucille Ball and Bob Hope, 1963, dies this date in 2007.

The Post Journal, Jamestown NY Lucy-Desi Center to Host Humor Therapy Experts “The planning session is a unique and exciting opportunity for us to develop our plans for a national humor and healthcare initiative, Mary Jane Price, Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Center, 'The Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Center Mission and Outreach Department will play hosts to humor therapy experts from across the country later this week, thanks to support from the local community. In June, Lucie Arnaz, daughter of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, facilitated a 'Legacy of Laughter' event at the annual national Humor Project Conference at Silver Bay NY, making valuable connections with experts in the field of humor therapy, as well as the possibility of collaboration with the Center. This collaboration planning will afford the Center the opportunity to honor the elder Arnazes her parents in a new and meaningful way that of promoting healing powers of love and laughter and now humor as it relates to health care and aging,†published this date in 2008.

The Post Journal, Jamestown NY Information Center - In Years Past - 50 Years Ago - “Rumors of an impending breakup of the Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz marriage have been bolstered by reports that Desilu Productions is up for sale. Arnaz and Miss Ball own a total of 49 percent of the Desilu stock. Arnaz, filming a TV show in North Africa, sailed from NY on October 28 without a bon voyage visit from Miss Ball. He denied rumors of a marriage breakup, telling newsmen: 'Those rumors have been going on for a long time. There's no truth to the story. We're working too hard, that's the only trouble. Probably someone heard we had an argument; but, we have lots of arguments. When a redhead and a Cuban get together, we argue pretty good,†published this date in 2009.


November 13


Jack Elam, co-star, William Frawley (Lucy's Fred Mertz), Rancho Notorious, 1952; Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz guest co-star, Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse, 1959; Desi Arnaz, Executive Producer, Desilu Productions' The Texan, three episodes, 1958; 1959, 1960; The Untouchables, 1960, 1961, 1962; as well as guest, Desilu Productions; Here's Hollywood, 1962, is born this date in 1920.

Garry Marshall, actor, director, writer, of Happy Days' fame writer 1962-1968, The Lucy Show 2 episodes, 1964, 7 episodes, 1965, 3 episodes, 1966; Executive Producer, The Lucy Show. 1967; is born this date in 1934.

NY Times: “Quick action on the part of Bradley Page recently saved Lucille Ball from a bad fright and a possible injury when he killed a large tarantula as it was about to crawl unto her neck as she leaned against a tree while on location with RKO's, Annabel Takes a Tour. Page, who was sitting nearby, saw the poisonous spider ready to drop on the young star. He quickly removed his shoe, and crushed the tarantula against a tree only a half an inch from Miss Ball's neck,†published this date in 1938.

Lucille Ball appears, as Terry Havalok-Allen, in RKO film Seven Days' Leave, co-starring Buddy Clark, Ralph Edwards, Peter Lind Hayes, Victor Mature, Arnold Stang; as well as Bob LeMond, in an uncredited role, among many others, released this date in 1942.

William Frawley (Lucy's Fred Mertz), appears in Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation, Roxie Hart, as O'Malley, co-starring Spring Byington, Adolphe Menjou, George Montgomery, Ginger Rogers, Phil Silvers; as well as Leon Belasco, Pat O'Malley, and Mary Treen, in uncredited roles, among many others, released on this date in 1942.

Hollywood by Hedda Hopper: “The writing bug has hit Lucille Ball. She whipped up a thing called That Was Yesterday, telling about her early days as a model and her life as queen of the B's at RKO, something that has never surfaced,†published this date in 1943.

Mary Kay and Johnny, supposedly the first television sitcom, with a married couple playing a married couple, having a baby, written into the script the night the child was actually born, with fifteen and thirty-minute format(s) airing on three different networks, debuted this date in 1947.

Lucille Ball and co-star, Richard Denning, appear , My Favorite Husband “Learning to Driveâ€, airing this date in 1948.

Jamestown (NY) Post Journal: “Lucille Ball appears in Columbia's, The Fuller Brush Girl, as Sally Elliot, now showing at Shea's Theatre, advertisement,†published this date in 1950.

Post Journal, Jamestown NY - “('I Love Lucy') Still Holds High Audience Acceptance Rating - Hollywood (AP),†published this date in 1953.

Desilu Productions' Cavalcade of America, “Innocent Bystanderâ€, co-starring, among others, Don Taylor and Herb Vigran, airs on this date in 1956.

Desilu Productions' Yancy Derringer, Jock Mahoney, as Yancy, among many others, “The Belle From Boston,†with Lucy and Desilu veterans W. Argyle Nelson, Production Supervisor and Don E. Sharpe, Executive Producer, airs this date in 1958.

Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse, Desi Arnaz, Host - “Border Justiceâ€, starring Gilbert Roland and Bruce Gordon, airs this date in 1959.

Post Journal, Jamestown NY - New York (AP) Cynthia Lowry - Hour-Long NBC Special Proves Delight Kaye and Ball Clown It Up - “Danny Kaye is probably the most talented and endearing clown currently practicing his art. Lucille Ball is generally conceded to be our premiere comedienne. Throw them together before the TV cameras, and the result is bound to be just what it was Sunday night: a delight,†published this date in 1962.

Desi Arnaz executive produces Desilu Productions' The Untouchables “The Eddie O'Hara Storyâ€, airing this date in 1962.

(The Lucy Show) “Lucy's Mystery Guest†- Mary Wickes, veteran supporting cast member, as Lucy's wealthy aunt, is coming to visit, airing this date in 1967.

The Daily Mirror - Larry Harnisch Reflects on LA History- 5/22/2010 - The Los Angeles Times File Photo - “Lucille Ball and guest, Bruce Gordon, have a romp on “Here's Lucyâ€, published this date in 1972.

(“Here's Lucyâ€) “Dirty Gertie†– Bob O'Brien, writer - Lucy, filthy from cleaning her fireplace, goes undercover to discover a hood,†airing this date in 1972.

TV Guide: “Our appetite for Lucy's delightfully boisterous brand of comedy only grows, a reaction to the (“I Love Lucy 50th Anniversary CBS Special,†noted in 2001.


November 14


Dick Powell, Lucille Ball friend and early film career co-star, Show Business at War, 1943, MGM, Meet the People, 1944; as well as an appearance with Lucille, both via archival footage, Hollywood Without Make-Up, 1963; with Lucille and Desi Hollywood Out-takes and Rare Footages, via archival footage(s), 1983; with Lucille That's Dancing, 1985, is born this date in 1904.

Martin Balsam, Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse, 1958, 1959, as well as, Desilu Productions' The Untouchables, 1961, 1962; as well as with Lucie Arnaz Night of 100 Stars, 1982, is born this date in 1919.

Lucille Ball appears on Uge-Revyen (Denmark) Magazine cover this date in 1950.

The Post Journal, Jamestown NY - “Lucille Ball, as Agatha Floud, appears in advertisement for Paramount's Fancy Pants, showing at Summit Theatre, Lakewood, NY,†is published this date in 1950.

Desi Arnaz and the Desi Arnaz Orchestra record the background music for CBS-TV (“I Love Lucyâ€), Episode #56, “Lucy Goes to the Hospital†- Lucille Ball's last show prior to maternity leave hiatus and the birth of Desi Arnaz IV, is filmed this date in 1952.

Desilu Productions' Shower of Stars: “Ethel Merman's Show Stoppersâ€, William Lundigan, Host, Art Gilmore, Announcer, and co-starring Peter Lind Hayes, Mary Healy, Ethel Merman, Red Skelton, among others, airs this date in 1955.

Desi Arnaz, as Ricardo, The Orchestra Leader, and Orchestra, perform at CBS-TV General Service Studios (“I Love Lucyâ€), “The Ricardos are Interviewed†('person-to-person'-type episode), guest co-starring Elliott Reid, as Edward Warren; as well as veteran Lucy supporting cast members, Bennett Green, Desi Arnaz' stand-in - Ricky has a new agent; the Mertzes get insulted when the agent suggest they move to a nicer apartment; airing this date in 1955.

United Artists' film, The Facts of Life, with Lucille Ball, as Kitty Weaver and Bob Hope, as Larry Gilbert - their third film as co-stars, co-starring Don DeFore, Ruth Hussey, William Landau, Louis Nye, Phil Ober; among many others; as well as veteran Lucy cast members, Hazel Pierce and Vito Scotti, in uncredited roles; Lucy veteran, Jack Aldworth, Assistant Director, is released this date in 1960.

The Post Journal, Jamestown NY - Quiet Ceremony Set In N.Y. Sunday - Jamestown's Own Lucy Ball to Marry Comedian Morton - “Ceremony will be performed by Rev. Norman Vincent Peale. She met Morton last year on a blind date arranged by friends during her Wildcat performance on Broadway,†published this date in 1961.

Lucille Ball's husband, comedian Gary Morton, appears at The Sands Hotel on this date in 1963.

Desilu Productions' Fractured Flickers, with (Lucy) veteran supporting cast member, Hans Conried, Host, who explains what a 'fractured flicker' is; introduces several wacky segments and interviews guests, co-starring this segment, semi-regulars, Paul Frees and Bill Scott, which airs on this date in 1963.

The Lucy Show “Lucy Gets Caught in the Draft†- Bob O'Brien, Ray Singer, writers, - Lucy goes through boot camp via a draft notice; Jim Nabors guest co-starring, airing this date in 1966.

Lucille Ball makes a guest appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, also appearing Harriet Hilliard, Ozzie Nelson, and Louis Nye, airing this date in 1969.

Vivian Vance (Lucy's Ethel Mertz), appears on Over Easy, a Talk Show, airing this date in 1977.

Keenan Wynn, Lucille Ball's long-time friend, mentor and guest co-star, dies this date in 1986.

Desert Magazine (Palm Springs): “Statue Deserves Much Better,†published this date in 1995.

Eddie Bracken, co-star in Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz' first movie, Too Many Girls, 1940, dies this date in 2002.

The Post Journal, Jamestown NY Information Center In Years Past 50 years ago “Plans for the world premiere of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz' new picture, Forever Darling, probably on February 7, began at luncheon in the Hotel Jamestown, by civic leaders and representatives of MGM Studio and Desilu Productions. Telegrams to Lucille and her husband, Desi, were sent out this afternoon from Mayor-elect Carl Sanford, the Jamestown Area Chamber of Commerce and other representatives in the community, inviting them to make their world premiere here,†published this date in 2005.

The Lucy Lounge Website “Autographed photograph of Lucille Ball that hung in life-long friend of Lucille and Desi, Bob Hope's Office, fetched more than $6,500 at auction the weekend of October 20, in a sale of Hope memorabilia. Proceeds from the sale, which raised more than $600,000, will go to benefit the Bob and Dolores Hope Foundation, which helps charities that were close to the late comic legend. The photo of Ball, in her Lucy Ricardo guise playing a toothless gypsy, is inscribed to 'Rapid Robert', Hope's nickname, because of his quick-fire comic delivery and says, 'because he loves beauty'. XX Lucy,†is posted this date in 2008.


November 15


Edward Asner, of Lou Grant fame, 114 episodes, 1977-82; guest star, Desilu Productions', The Untouchables, 4 episodes, 1962-63, Mission: Impossible, 1969; appears with Lucille Ball, CBS: On The Air, 1978; again, Battle of the Network Stars VII, 1979; appears with Lucille, The 33rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, 1981; with Lucie Arnaz, Night of 100 Stars, 1982; with Lucille, Night of 100 Stars II, 1985; with Lucille, Happy 100th Birthday, Hollywood, 1987, Hollywood the Golden Years: The RKO Story, host, 1987 (Lucille in 2 episodes 1987), Lucille, archival footage, CBS: The First 50 Years, 1998; with Lucie, CBS at 75, 2003; as well as with Lucille, via archival footage, You Know the Face, among many other stars, 2009, is born this date in 1929.

Petula Clark, Lucille Ball guest co-star, (“Here's Lucyâ€) 1972, as herself, appears with Lucille, Women I Love: Beautiful But Funny, a Bob Hope Special, 1982; as well as with Lucille and Lucie Arnaz Night of 100 Stars II, 1985, is born this date in 1932.

Elizabeth Yeaman: “Radio Pictures, Mr. Doodle Kicks Off - a wealthy alumnus of a college willing to give a huge endowment to his alma mater providing his son becomes a gridiron hero; one of the leads will be given to Lucille Ball,†published this date in 1937.

Hollywood Citizen News, Review of Previews, by James Francis Crow, That's Right, You're Wrong, RKO-Radio picture - Kay Kyser's Kollege of Musical Knowledge on screen, starring Lucille Ball, a film about a comic radio maestro accepting a Hollywood screen offer with great reluctance; has a determined choice of co-star,†published this date in 1939.

William Frawley (Lucy's Fred Mertz), appears in Universal Pictures', One Night in the Tropics, as Roscoe, co-starring Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Robert Cummings, Leo Carillo (TV's The Cisco Kid, as Pancho, in the next decade); among many others, released on this date in 1940.

Hollywood Citizen News, Sheilah Graham: “Lucille Ball tussling for Miss Grant Takes Richmond,†published this date in 1948.

Jess Oppenheimer, creator/writer (“I Love Lucyâ€), joins Columbia Network Staff, this date in 1948.

The Hollywood Reporter: . . . pulled a 40.8 national Nielsen to rank fourth behind Berle, Godfrey, and Your Show of Shows, referring naturally to (“I Love Lucyâ€) and the Ricardos,†published this date in 1951.

Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Vivian Vance and William Frawley (the Mertzes) appear in CBS' Stars in Their Eye, Ralph Levy, Director; Jack Benny as host, co-starring various CBS' stars in a one-hour variety program about the dedication of the brand-new $7 million dollar CBS Television City Studios, (Lucille Ball, being in latter months of pregnancy, can't travel for the 'live' performance; therefore, a 'filmed' (“I Love Lucyâ€) segment, written in mind of this Special, is now, historically, an archival wonder of footage; the only existing example of the cast, in costume and on the set, breaking character), airing this date in 1952.

Lionel Barrymore, Lucille Ball early film-career friend; appears via archival footages with Lucille The Big Parade of Comedy, 1964; as well as You Know the Face, both via archival footage, 2009, dies this date in 1954.

Desi Arnaz, as Ricardo, The Orchestra Leader, and Orchestra perform (“I Love Lucyâ€) “Ricky's Screen Test†- Lucy gets into the test, hogging the spotlight and being discovered herself, with veteran supporting cast members, Ray Kellogg, Louis A. Nicoletti, and Alan Ray, airing this date in 1954.

(“I Love Lucyâ€) “Lucy and Superman†– guest co-starring, George Reeves, Superman, and veteran supporting cast member, Mary Jane Croft, as Carolyn Appleby, wherein she and Lucy clash over their sons 'respective' birthday parties, an episode, which is filmed this date in 1956.

The Post Journal, Jamestown NY - NY (AP) Marriage License Obtained “Lucy, Morton Get 'Lucky Number' Marriage Application Form #26614, which adds up to 19 Lucille's lucky number, was happily signed by Lucille Ball. Paula Stewart and Jack Carter (the couple who arranged the 'blind date' introducing Lucille and Gary) will serve as Matron of Honor and Best Man,†published this date in 1961.

NY Mirror Lucille Ball, to reporter, who asked about the number 19 on her and Gary's marriage license: “There are other things associated with the number 19; but, they are in a past era,, published this date in 1961.

The Lucy Show, “Lucy and the Sleeping Beautyâ€- Lucy falls for Clint Walker, guest co-star, airing this date in 1965.

(“Here's Lucyâ€) “Won't You Calm Down, Dan Daileyâ€, guest co-starring, Dan Dailey; Lucy gets fired again and takes a job with her office building's new owner, co-starring veteran supporting cast member, Vanda Barra, airing this date in 1971.

Lucille Ball appears on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, to promote Lucille Ball Productions' CBS, Happy Anniversary and Goodbye, on this date in 1974.

ABC's Life With Lucy, ill-fated, though several more are filmed, produced by Aaron Spelling - “Mother of the Brideâ€, guest co-starring Audrey Meadows, as Audrey, Lucy's sister, an entertainment director on a cruise ship; as well as regular cast member, Larry Anderson, born 1952, also co-stars in Lucy & Desi: Before the Laughter 1991 and The Desilu Story 1993, as Ted MacGibbon - an excellent last episode, airing this date in 1986.

Cathy's Closet, first all-Lucy gift center is opened in Texas this date in 1992.

Entertainment Weekly, Beth Johnson: “Encore: Desilu's Redhead Honcho Lucille Ball Took Charge of Her Fated TV Studio, 34 Years Ago,†published this date in 1996.

Bert Granet, writer, several Lucille Ball early-career films 1938, 1941; several The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour and Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse episodes, 1958-1960; as well as producer, Desilu Productions' programs, 1957-59, dies this date in 2002.

The Post Journal, Jamestown NY - Laughter Is Still The Best Medicine - Lucy-Desi Center To Undertake National Humor In Health Care Initiative, by Kristen Johnson “Lucie Arnaz Luckinbill was in Jamestown on Friday morning to se the Center off on its newest venture a national initiative that will combine humor and health care. The Center's initiative will bring humor to hospitals and clinics around the country. Experts from Florida, Missouri and upstate NY will come to Jamestown and collaborate with Lucy-Desi Center officials on how their initiative can best be undertaken. A local advisory committee has been formed, as well,†published this date in 2008.

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