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Lucy tattoos


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I was trying to look for this topic on here but couldn't find one! Maybe it was on Sudden Launch. Lol!


But let's share Lucy tattoos we have seen and maybe share our own!


On Saturday I purchased my second Lucy tattoo. Here it is:


The tattoo is in her handwriting. I wanted to get this tattoo to help me out with being happy, because truly without her I wouldn't be here. As a very bullied child, coming home and watching Lucy always saved my day. She taught me to smile through those times. Without her work and endless inspiration through books, I may or may not have committed suicide.


Today I've been having a lot of trouble with happiness. I have terrible anxiety and depression. But one thing I can do to give me a boost is Lucy. I wanted to be able to look at this tattoo and instantly feel inspired to be happy. To not be so negative, spread happiness and be happy.


Shelly asked this on Facebook, I got the handwriting from two different letters. I found the "happiness" in a letter to Gary and then the smiley from a letter to Edith Head. Here they are:



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Ooooooooooh I love your first one also Annaleigh, is a Phillip Morris commercial on your other leg coming soon? Beautiful tattoos for a very beautiful lady.

Thank you, Claude! I wanna get the Here's Lucy cartoon and Hirshfield/Lucille Ball Productions caricature too. I will decorate my body in my favorite lady!
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