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Gypsy Wildcat

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This 1944 movie had nothing to do with either musical but the thought of combining the plots is intriguing.

An overbearing older sister will stop at nothing as she pushes her sibling into becoming the head of an oil drilling crew.


"Hey, Look Over Some People"

"Dainty Jane and Her Well Diggers"

"You'll Never Drill Much Oil Here"

"Mr. Dynamite, I Love You"

"Give a Little Lamb"

"All I Need is the Goil"

"Everything's Gushing Up Roses"

"Small Well"

and of course "Wildy's Turn" ("Someone tell me: when is it my turn? Don't I get some grease for myself?...)

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Well a heart-felt pshaw* to the both of you.

And if I could still blush, I'd do that too**

I appreciate that anyone appreciates. I really do. Sometimes life's not going too well, you know, and that little boost helps a lot.


And not that anyone's vying for #1, but it's without any false humility that I disagree with the ranking as there are at least 3 people who write things on this board, so clever I want to slap them for being that fresh!


I enjoy writing but could never do it for a living. "Under the gun" pressure would take the fun out of it. And unless there's a 'Here's Lucy' revival, there's not market for my type. But I say to those talented and spirited YOUNG writers here: "don't let that dissuade you guys/gals".


*I'm going to look up "pshaw" and make sure I'm using it in the right context. Fred says it once and I can't remember when. Seems it was a catch-phrase-word (over?-)used in some 70s sitcom but again can't remember which.


**Reminds me of that cute interchanging when Chris tells Lucy "Mom you're blushing!"; then Viv adds "Lucy, you ARE blushing!" and Lucy says "I didn't know I still knew how." (which in my book is the type of dialogue that made those few 2 years of TLS so great). Well, I didn't know until recently that we lose our ability to blush as we get older. Oh, GREAT! ONE MORE place where blood refuses to flow--not that I miss the embarrassment of blushing. I was a real blusher as a kid. You remember in school when you blushed and then someone pointed out that you were blushing which made you blush even more. My ears would turn a deep maroon, so much that I would go all Franny-Woozy. There just wasn't enough blood for the rest of my body, I guess. I just assumed the reason I don't blush anymore is because there's nothing LEFT for me to be embarrassed about.

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