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My Favorite Husband - The Christmas Stag

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This is a special episode of the radio program. It contains more spontaneous applause breaks than any other episode I've heard. Being in the audience that night must've been electric. It wasn't necessarily the funniest overall story but the audience really responded to all the key moments. If you haven't listened to this show yet, spoilers below:


1) When Liz and Iris are disguising themselves as men to see if they can fool the public (and later on, the Stag party attendees), Liz remarks that she needs a hat because "not many men have hair the color of mine."


Pause. Then Iris asks, "As a matter of fact, how many WOMEN have hair the color of..."


She can't even finish the line before the audience starts howling.


2) When Liz goes into a shop dressed as Santa and gets mistaken for the Santa they hired to sit with the kids, she's forced to give in and have children sit on her lap. She gets out of it by promising free toys to all the children, to be provided by the store, plus a load of goodies for the parents too. Once of Lucille's finest comedy bits of the entire series.


3) When Liz, dressed as Santa, is pulled over by a policeman and is being questioned, he stumbles across her lipstick. She thinks for a moment before replying, "that belongs to Rudolph, my red-lipped reindeer!" HUGE applause.


I'm so thankful that this is one of the episodes that survives because it's a top notch effort.

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This is actually one of my favourite MFH episodes and, you're right, there is something special about the atmosphere. Everyone seems to be having a great time -- the cast and the audience -- and it is a riot from start to finish. The Jell-O commercial with Lucy and Gale at the end is hysterical too.

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