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Lucy in the Sky (Diving) with (Liz Taylor's) Diamonds


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Evidently The Beatles's "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" has been thought of as  a thinly veiled reference to the virtues of LSD.  I don't know.  That sort of thing went over my head.  But according to someone close to John Lennon, John said the title had nothing to do with LSD but was instead inspired by a drawing his young son Julian had done.  When John asked what it was, Julian said "That's Lucy.  She's in the sky with diamonds."  Now this quote did not specifically say he was drawing Lucille ball, but it also didn't mention some family friend, so who else could it be but our own LUCY, who was well represented on British TV in 1967 with both I Love Lucy and The Lucy Show.


According to TV history, she saw Burton at a party who said he and Elizabeth would love to do her show (and later revealing he regretted it the next morning), but they would only be available immediately.  Rather than entrust this episode to her current pack of writers (thank GOD!), Lucy put an emergency call into Madelyn Davis....and the rest we know.  But what if Bob and Madelyn had said 'no'.   OR if they resurrected and reworked the 1964 contentious script and came up with "Lucy and Richard Burton Enter a Baking Contest" and reinstated the big pie fight finale?   Assuming the 2nd episode "Lucy the Skydiver" was set to be the season premiere, would Lucy have tried to incorporate Burton and Taylor into that script and have Lucy get the ring stuck on her finger, then go skydiving only to be followed out of a 2nd plane by Liz and Dick and the three have the ring tussle in mid-air before they all crash through the roof? 


IMO "Skydiver" is not a great show, but is saved by the crashing through the roof stunt.  (Viewing the wonderful behind the scenes footage shows just how fearless Lucy was).   It contains one of those "gag" lines that qualifies as one of my least favorite jokes in HL.  It really makes no sense but  gets a big laugh only because it sounds funny: so typical of HL writing in general.  The skydiving instructor says to Lucy who's practicing her mid-air moves:  "How do you feel?".  Lucy: "LIKE A PUNCH-DRUNK PELICAN".  I don't even know what that MEANS.  Do you?

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