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more I Love Lucy in color?

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I'm not a huge fan of the Scotland ep but have seen the color version many times. Love the way that one came out.

One question though about color. I'm confused about something. Does anyone know if the blue satin background in the Forever Darling credits was the same one used for the ILL opening credits? I know it was said that the actual ILL heart was pink. Unless a pink one was created especially for the black and whites.  :lucyhorror:

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Well, as much as I hate to admit this, after sixty years of watching the same shows over and over, the lesser ones are harder to get through, so a color change would be greatly welcome.  Like tonight, I have the Little Ricky's school pageant, color would liven it up, for me anyway.  Now the Loving Cup that follows doesn't need color, it's still great as is, guess color would just make the so so ones more watchable.

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If you think Lucy and Ethel's fake crying jag is funny, in any way in that dull and boring episode, and it's the one that shows Ricky Ricardo can't even sing properly when he tries that song and takes it much too high, just to give two examples of why it stinks.  LOL!  Even the characters always looking away when two of the characters make comments about the others, just horrible from start to finish.  It always helps a comedy show when humor is injected, wish they had in this outing, LOL!  Nah, just exaggerating as always, it was ok sixty years ago, but I'm just worn out from the hundreds of viewings of that particular ep, sorry. :lucyeww:

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