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Johnny Devita (and Family)


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I was debating on which section to post this in and figure this was as good a place as any.


On the way out of Jamestown this morning, I finally found Johnny Devita's grave after two other failed attempts. I was surprised to see that his gravestone once bore his photo which has since deteriorated and flaked away. There is a similar photo on the gravestone of the guy I assume to be his father which is in very slightly better condition, with his eye clearly visible. I was wondering if anyone else here tracked down the stone over the years and might have an idea of what photo used to be on the grave.









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Thanks for this, Brock - to my 'uninformed' knowledge, I now know Johnny D. was only 7 years Lucille's elder; have always thought many more years than that. 


Of course, in those days, his 21 to her 14 would have been, as far as the Celoron gossipmongers, [some of whom are still alive (damn it!)], that difference would have been outrageous. 


Despite it all, and the trouble it caused her childhood reputation, he financially helped her get away from the small town, with her mother's approval, apparently, and edged her toward her fantastic career.  That's my opinion and, good or bad, I'm sticking to it!!!!


This is telling more than I know; but, since I heard it from our now-deceased Celoron mayor just a few short years ago, in a 'private conversation', this, I believe - he (Mayor) worked as a stock and bag boy, in a grocery store while a youngster, where Johnny played cards in the backroom of same; Lucille brought Desi there in 1956 and inroduced them!!!!!  My Major thought her gorgeous!


By the way, Johnny called her 'Red'.... 

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