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Kaye Ballard's Birthday Today


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Today the great Kaye turns 85 and is still at it!

She has a performance with Donna McKecknie next month in Santa Fe.

People who know Kaye only from 'Mothers In Law' don't have an appreciation for her range.

I'm trying to think of another performer who can do knock-about comedy AND sing a song full of pathos. Kaye has one of the greatest theater voices of all. The only one I can think of is Fanny Brice, and this is from history rather than having seen her, because like those great great performers of vaudeville and theater, what we have of them preserved on film is usually not them at their greatest.

I don't think Kaye realizes how many people out there adore her.

If people would like to post 'fan letters' to Kaye, I'll print them all out and make sure she gets them.


It was Kaye's idea to make a broadway musical out of the life of Fanny. In the 50s she put out an album of Fanny's songs and here she is performing "My Man".


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She is indeed truly versatile and one of the few people left these days that is effortlessly hilarious. I think I am going to take you up on the fan letter offer, Neil!


Happy Birthday, Kaye! To celebrate, I am going to make an exciting new dessert -- custard at room temperature! :lucythrill:

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