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For my mother's birthday I put together this video of the opening credits to her fictitious series.

This is filled with "in" jokes but the basics are:

Charlotte, my mother's nickname as a little girl (which she loathed) was "Lottie Mae"

Carol is my sister and when I unearthed the b/w picture with the perm and bangs, I said she looked like Theda Bara.  Lauren Wilburn is my daughter.

Our "Uncle Harry" is NOT someone my mother would want to get locked in a vault with.

The picture with the flowers was my mother going to a costume party as a flower arrangement.


At the risk of being accused of having a cracked crock, I submit:


First season "two" which includes an episode excerpt at the end:



And here's season one with our own "Uncle Harry"




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Thanks for kudos, but nobody would pay for it!   I do video work for a living, but rarely am asked to do things fun like this.  It takes a loooong time to make things perfect  (I could have spent a lot longer on this) and you end up making minimum wage, if that. 

By the way, my mother was raised in Pennsylvania and I don't know if it's a PA accent or just from her neck of the woods or just her family but she inserts an "r" into some words.   Wash is "warsh".   and "Oh Garsh" which she says a lot, is actually, as you might suspect "Oh Gosh!"

The syndicated title is modeled after "The Gale Storm Show" which was syndicated as "Oh, Suzanna!"  (or maybe it was the other way around).

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I don't know if I've ever heard her mention soda or pop.  We never had it in the house except for when it was her turn to host the every other Monday night meeting of "Sewing Club" reminiscent of Wednesday Afternoon Fine Arts League (except UNFORTUNATELY, they never put on an operetta).  It would go from 8pm to about 11.  About 20 ladies seated in a big circle, doing their knitting or whatever and, I always suspected,  a unspoken emphasis on gospin'.   For this event Mom bought soda/pop but the cheap brands: there was "Upper 10", the 7-up knock-off, but it was strictly off-limits to me.  


This group started in the 50s and since it was on Monday, they would pause mid-gabfest to watch I Love Lucy.   Knowing this group much later, I can tell you that is one AMAZING testimony to ILL's appeal.   By the time I was around, they did not do the same for The Lucy Show or Here's Lucy.   With 20 women and the every-other-Monday night schedule, my mother only hosted once a year or so.  And it was a foregone conclusion that I got to go to someone else's house to watch Lucy the evening my mother hosted, even though it was a school night and my bedtime was right after Lucy. 

I didn't make demands or throw fits as a child, but I think my mother knew I had my breaking point.   At the mere suggestion that I could miss ONE episode, I probably would have gone into  Joan Crawford/Pepsi Board mode:  "Don't F%#@ with ME, MAMA!!!"  (followed by "This ain't my first time watching "Lucy Goes To the Rodeo")

Ok. That's about 4 hours from me. Different section of the state. Does she call a carbonated beverage soda or pop. That line gets drawn around the middle of the state.

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