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In search of the "British Lucille Ball"


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An interesting (although error-ridden) analysis of Lucy's contribution to comedy across the pond, courtesy of The Independent:




Personally, I would nominate the great Patricia Routledge in that category... or Dawn French... or Jennifer Saunders.


Also, I can't wait to read Hornby's new book.

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Although French had Dibley and Saunders had Ab Fab, I think of those two more as British Carol Burnetts because of all the chatacters they played on their variety show. Pat Routledge is hilarious and comes closest to Lucy, but Hyacinth Bucket is much less three dimensional than the Lucy character.

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This is the woman my research has discovered is the British answer to our girl:


Avril Angers - 4/18/18  11/9/05;


Here's what I have included in chronology:



Avril Angers, actress, 56 titles; known as the “Lucille Ball of the United Kingdom” is born in Liverpool, England, this date in 1918.



Would love to read comments for those who may know of her.  thanks....JK

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We have had a few potentials back in the day. One is Joyce Grenfell, before my time of course but have seen her in a few films, she had her own show and is still much loved I believe but you don't see her shows anymore. ... But that's England.


More recently June Whitfield from Terry and June and absolutely fabulous. Still an icon but she didn't really do the slap stick stuff.


Beryl Reid and Irene handle are also potentials as still much loved icons but nothing really in the lucy field.

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