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What have we learned from watching Lucy

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1. Murphy's soup doesn't stick just to your ribs, it sticks to all of you

2. The one for Ricky is--ALBERT!!!

3. Santa can't come down the chimney until the Sandman gives him the signal that the kids are asleep

4. Destroying your living room to make your banker want to give you money to redecorate is a good idea

5. Destroying your refrigerator to make your banker give you money so you can buy a new fur coat is a good idea

6. Do NOT trash your living room just to make your maid want to quit because your husband could've already fired her

7. A Phipp foam mattress is like sleeping on rocks

8. Phipps are a great big bunch of gyps

9. While shopping, make sure your canned goods don't sound sloshy, and always check for bad strawberries on the bottom of the strawberry basket and make sure the whipped cream has enough body. And they always put the best tasting oranges on the bottom of the orange display

10. Bessie the Heffer is the queen of all the cows

11. If a huge movie star is staying in the suite right above you, it's best to see if your movie star husband can arrange a meeting, instead of trying to sneak onto his balcony where you can accidentally get locked out and nearly get killed trying to climb down.

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