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ILL mentioned in current TV Guide mag


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On page 6, there is a story on Conan and a few quotes including this one by George Lopez: "Sixty years ago, a Latino and a redhead made TV history with I Love Lucy. History repeats itself with Conan O'Brien and with George Lopez. Team Coco, say hello to Team Loco!"


So cool B) that :ill: is still being mentioned! :peachonthebeach::D

Team Loco? LOL! :professor::lucydesi::peachonthebeach::lucythrill:

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Lopez is funnier than half the guys he competes with...dunno why I keep forgetting he's on, cuz whenever I've caught his talk show, it's a riot. Now though...it's on too late for me!! :lucydisgust:

Yeah, i've only seen him on talk shows and he seems very NATURALLY funny, like he can make jokes about small ordinary things. We no longer get TBS here so i can't watch his show.

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