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Gale in The Box Brothers

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I was very confused when I made an entry in the chronology, A COUPLE YEARS AGO BY NOW, about the above; then, in some way discovered that it was NOT a DESILU product!  I believe it was when I was working on Dann's entry; went to IMDb and discovered the error.  I'm now backtracking on changing all the others involved in the show, as well as guests appearing and their entries....WHEW!


The confusing thing is Gale, Dann Cahn, Ralph Berger, Wilbur Hatch, and other guests on the several-episode series, who WERE veterans of Lucy product showed up - 26 episodes, I believe - in any event, the confusing thing is that it occurred right in the middle of the 'target years' of ('I Love Lucy') 1956-57!!!!


Harry, can you enlighten me about this strange occurrence?  What about you Brock?  ANYONE?


I've not done much research as yet; thought maybe some of my Lounge family could come up with some facts before I take any more time on it.  Thanks to anyone who knows anything about this.



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