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Lucy and Gary Password Week.


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 I love her stance at the very beginning! It reminds me of what Claude says about her being the QUEEN of TV and Hollywood. I love her mannerisms and seeing her play with her friends, as if she were at home or in a relaxed setting, Thanks so much for sharing!

Yeah, but like i keep saying, i thought her FRIENDS playing would be like Bob Hope and George Burns, not second string actors on her show and back stabbing employees, LOL!  I missed a week of school to see those shows.

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lolol I think that shows her loyalty to her friends and their success- the quality she gave her friendships was really top notch 

Oh there were SOME people in there i wanted to see, like Carole Cook and Dick Patterson among others.  Dunno if the great Dick Martin played that week.  I loved how, in one of the books on her, they referred to her long lasting, though ever changing, circle of friends, LOL!

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