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Loving Lucy 96' Auction

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The auction at the 1996 Loving Lucy Convention featured many personal effects from Lucy’s estate. The proceeds benefited the newly opened (May 1996) Lucy/Desi Museum in Jamestown.  The middle glass display cases in the original museum served as sort of a preview for this auction that took place in LA in July.  I’ve tried to do my best to match up the lot numbers to the pictures I took of these items.


First pic Lots 53, 13, 8. 

Second pic Lots 100, 69, 99





First pic Lots 66

Second Pic Lots 1, 97, 90




First pic Lots 23, 32, 45

Second Pic 84





First pic Lots 30, 50

second pic Lots 93






First pic Lots 48, 81

Second pic Lots 24, 40, 35, 57



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