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I gave a speech in college about Desi last night!


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I had to do a Commemorative Speech as an assignment for class on a person we know or on a historical figure.


Knowing that the most boring commemorative speeches are the ones when someone talks about a relative, or someone in involved in politics.. i decided to tell the story about a man who immigrated to America from Cuba, with practically nothing, and later on became the first Hispanic with real presence on television. I told the story of Desiraldo Alberto Arnaz, known to the world as Desi Arnaz or Ricky Ricardo! My intro put a smile on their face as no one expected to hear about someone like him! smile.gif


You know, my family friends joke around with me whenever I mention Lucy, since I'm a big fan. I can now say that I went the extra mile by making a presentation about it in college! I poke fun at myself and I will always remember this day. biggrin.gif


Some of the things I covered was Desi's wealthy side of his family and his life in Cuba; his struggles; his impact in Latin music and as a producer and innovator that has made him one of the most recognizable faces in the entertainment industry.

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