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Men Are Messy

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Oh come on, you don't find Lucy dressed as a hillbilly funny? "Oooohhh I got an itch!" It is quite over the top especially with the bear but it still makes me smile. Especially her spider face at the end. :D

Sorry, to me SHOOTING A BEAR IN THE BEDROOM OF A NEW YORK CITY APARTMENT IS JUST OVER THE TOP RIDICULOUSLY UNFUNNY.  This was season one, wasn't it, so they hadn't become a show everybody watched with perfectly written characters yet.  Yes, Lucy's hillbilly WAS funny but in a bad Bob Hope sketch, not here.

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The ending is very silly but her hillbilly shtick is quite funny.


But at least it's not as ridiculous or unrealistic as the giant bread loaf.

But you know, i always thought that scene with that giant bread coming out of that teeny oven was hilarious as a kid, now, as an old codger, i still think it's funny but i can't get by the unrealistic aspect of it all.  Part o that bread had to be hanging over that rear balcony of theirs, LOL!

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