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Loving Lucy 2000

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At your service Cuddles, I'm at your service! :viv2:

Well, you COULD show some Jamie Dornan nudie shots to help us celebrate Valentine's Day, LOL!  And i don't care which one of the fifty shades you show them in.  I'd even settle for black and white.  He did some for Calvin Klein where nothing was left to the imagination.

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Thanks for those Joey, just wish you could photoshop that beard off of him.  I have to tell you, this photoshopping thing is getting out of hand, i saw a pic of him in one of those familiar sexual positions and he was totally nude.  Yesterday, i saw the same picture where he's wearing jeans or pants, so the first one must have been his head on a photoshopped rear end of someone else.  Not to ruffle Brock's feathers, maybe you should have posted this in OUR Dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thread, because DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNnnnnn those are hot.

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