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Repeated Lines/Gags

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Over Lucy's 500+ serialized career, there are definitely some phrases that get repeated, not to mention different little jokes. What are some of your favorites?


-One that gets on my nerves is when the writers didn't know how to kick off an episode so they just started the show with someone walking up behind Lucy and making her scream with the force of a thousand suns.


-Harry mocking MJ


-Fred? Fred? Whoa Fred!


-Ricky's English


-Spider face


Repeated Catchphrases:

:desi1: No I Dun't/Wuts going on here?!?

:lucie: Mother!!!

:lucydisgust: eeeeeeww

:bill1: NowEthelYouKeepOuttaThis!

:sid: Delivery for you, ma'm/May I take your order/Telegraph for you ma'm

:gale1: *blustery* MRS CARMICHAEL! 

:hazel: ~silence~



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A lot of harping on the generation gap in Here's Lucy and then a whole episode on it.



Other repeated gags: trying to talk a movie star into something.  Appealing to their ego.  They resist but eventually get their egos caught in the door.


Ginger: There's nothing you can say to keep me from going out of THAT DOOR.

Lucy: I thought maybe you'd dance for us.  I think you're the greatest dancer ever.

Ginger: (re-enters) What kind of a dance would you like?


Bob and Madelyn could be counted on to throw in real life accomplishments.  Ginger actually WAS the Texas State Champion Charleston dancer in 1900 and......well, YEARS ago.

And about their charleston: at the VERY LEAST, which is quite an accomplishment for "HL", they had Lucy play a record on her phonograph she had cued up to a charleston as opposed to having a phantom orchestra.  Evidently the record was only a 45 since then music ended with their dance. 

I love Lucy's breakaway......dress?  whatever that floor length thing she's wearing.  She rips it off to reveal "hot pants" and show off her still-gorgeous legs.  Notice that Ginger is the only one who does not get a solo in the middle of the dance.  Also notice that Lucy moves her body like a much younger woman while Ginger, still lively and lithe, moves much more like a woman her age.  Both Lucy and Ginger were 60 at the time.  Ginger was born in March of 1911.  Did girls/women really wear dresses as short as Kim's??  As Archie Bunker once said: "They sit down wearing one of those things and the mystery is over."


Ethel: I've seen everything you've ever been in: The Skin of our Teeth, Dear Charles, They Knew What They Wanted....all you big hits.

Talu: You left out "Private Lives".


Viv: She was good in that but she was absolutely magnificent in "Call Me Madam"

Merman: (to Mooney) Forget about the papers.  What did you "girls" think of her in "Gypsy"?

Lucy: Absolutely wonderful......I don't even care that she doesn't have a good voice.

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Of course, it's fun to watch "I Love Lucy" and pick out the plots/lines that were lifted from the radio show. It's especially prominent in the first season.

Makes sense since it was a whole new medium and since they already had a treasure trove of material to draw upon, it only made sense to use those scripts for "inspiration"! :lucywow:

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