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The Widow Morton

Mot Morenzi

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I wonder why Lucie never claimed the property in the first place..  Susie could have attempted to  contact Lucie and let her know about the stuff.. and then again maybe she did.  I wonder what Susie thought of Lucille Ball... of course, maybe Susie wasn't a fan of Lucy.  If Lucy's stuff were in my house you better believe it would be taken care of and never EVER auctioned off lol!  It is amazing to me Susie would want to part with ANY of those articles. 

I guess she had a Rolls and didn't need Lucy's...  What a life.. I can't even begin to comprehend what it must be like to want to rid your place of a Rolls and lifetime achievement awards...  I guess she has her own awards and Rolls and Lucy's were taking too much space.  How much space does a single woman need in that Palm Springs shoe box anyhow? :)

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Just as I'm sure Gary got tired of having the remains of Desi around Suzy probably got sick of Lucy everywhere.


Divorce is one thing because at least that person is still alive and who know your new spouse left them for a reason. Widow hood is another because you know your spouse is still in love with the person who left them. Then you have the grief factor too.


Then you have to remember she is living in the house her dead husband's dead wife's house from her first marriage. The whole house has the tie to Lucy.

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