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Favorite "Lucy" DVD Set

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This will be a hard one to answer, even for myself, but out of all the wonderful season and "best of" sets that have been released, does anyone have a particular favorite? I know that's a tough choice given that individual favorite episodes tend to be spread out across multiple seasons, but I'm talking in regard to overall content and presentation.


I must say that Shout! Factory's best of "Here's Lucy" set was something to behold. Even reviewers who didn't care for the series were amazed at the supplements. Considering how not all of those extra features made it over to the MPI season sets, it's well worth holding onto. So as far a a single package goes, that one is probably my personal favorite.

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Its a hard choice to make but I think the Shout Factory set would up at the top of the list. It had so many extras included and you  are right about the reviewers who may not have cared for the show but were astounded by all the extras included.

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