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Lucy on new Decades TV Network


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The new Decades TV Network launched yesterday (after a few months of marathons). Since these are CBS shows, I Love Lucy and The Lucy Show is included in their library. Today they are showing the I Love Lucy and The Lucy Show episodes with guest star John Wayne. On Friday, they will have a few airings of the Lucy Show episode "Lucy decides to redecorate". Decades is an over the air network but I think it may also be on a few cable channels too. In New York, we get it on channel 2.2.


Here is a link for the Decades web site: www.decades.com for more info.


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the commercials are not that bad - only 2 or 3 and they don't go on forever, at least not yet. When they were running the Marathons, they would show the theme song to a show, then have one 15 second commercial for Decades then go back to the show and have one commercial in the middle and one at the end. Much better than most networks. Each day is different as they have an original show looking back at the history of events that took place on a particular date, which makes the programming more interesting. As yesterday was John Wayne's Birthday, it was basically a salute to him and that's why they showed the JW episodes of I Love Lucy and Lucy Show.

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