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Desi in the kitchen


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I've heard Desi's award winning chili mentioned several times... does anyone know where the recipe can be found? I would also love to try the spaghetti that got dumped on the floor. (Anyone know if that story was actually true?)


P.S. Isn't the image of Desi in the kitchen, wearing an apron, with his sleeves rolled up delicious? Who needs desert with him in the house.

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I think the spaghetti story is somewhat of a Lucy exaggeration.  It did make for a funny scene in the 203 Lucy movie.

That's one that I like to think is true. From what I've read, that does seem to be something Carole would have done. She seemed to be a bit of a real life Ethel. 


And yes... JUST LIKE THAT! The top one even has chest hair! I'm drooling, and not over the food.

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