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How is there not a thread on Reta yet!!?? She did substantial work on TLS and HL. Reta basically played the same character in everything she did. You'd never guess she was a year younger than Lucy. 

I finished the first episode of The Ghost And Mrs. Muir, which was an Outstanding Comedy Series nominee. The show's a piece of crap but it's fun to see Reta. She sounds like Harvey Fierstein!

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They pulled "part 2" of my Reta Shaw tribute off youtube, probably because I included her show-stopping soft-show dance and song "I'll Never Be Jealous Again" with Eddie Foy Jr. from the movie "Pajama Game".   Both Reta and Eddie did the Broadway version too.


There was never a sweeter comedy than "Mr. Peepers".   She made a few appearances as Aunt Lil. And by sweet, I mean funny-sweet; not dull saccharine sweet like "Family Affair"


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