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Foreshadowing Lucy

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I find it neat to find a line or bit in a Lucy project that foreshadows something that would relate to her future on screen and off. A few examples.




One Live Ghost- The first line spoken to Lucy (the maid), “Where is Mr. Morton.”


Annabel Takes a Tour- After being taken hostage and picking up the bag of money. The gangster mentions taking a trip to Havana and says if she likes the place he’ll buy hee the island. Lucy responds “I’ve always wanted to see that island.”


Look Who’s Laughing- In the airplane Lucy mangles a few names and in doing so calls someone Mcgillicuddy.


ILL The Business Manager- Charles Lane yelling at Lucy about her money problems.


MGM Parade Show hosted by George Murphy- After wrapping the Forever Darling segment with Lucy and Desi George says to the camera, “I’d like to have a boss like that.” George in 2 years started working for Desilu.


A Jack Benny Special- Dressed in haram pants Lucy sings a song to the tune of Mame (dating to before she had any involvement with the movie).

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Not necessarily related to Lucille Ball, but...



The Million Dollar Idea -- Lucy & Ethel go on the Dickie Davis Show. Over a decade later, Madelyn rekindles her flame with former beau Dr. Dick Davis and becomes his missus. He must have left quite an impression.

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Interesting thread!


Of course, there's the notable example of the "Unique Employment Agency" being referenced on "The Lucy Show" that everybody will be familiar with.


I also like in "Ethel's Home Town" when Lucy mentions the widescreen, color spectacle. A year later, she and Desi appeared in the widescreen, color "Forever Darling" (sans spectacle).


There was a great line on a radio episode titled "Liz Appears on Television" where Lucy said, "imagine...being on television, who KNOWS what may happen!?"


Hmm, who knows indeed? ;)

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Normally I'd call it a sign of lazy and crappy writers when we all know Bob and Mad were anything but... but I love that plots are recycled from I Love Lucy into later shows. It makes me able to mentally plop Ricky into the show.

Does he just take the Gale Gordon roles or what?

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