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    I was watching an interview with Bob and Madelyn on youtube and I think I head that they didn't get any residuals from I Love Lucy.  Is this correct?  I thought I read that Jess owned 20% and of that 20% gave 5% each to Bob and Madelyn so I always thought all 3 writers were getting some kind of kick back.

    Does anyone know the truth of what really happened?  I am just curious. 


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Here's what I surmise happened:

When the shows were sold to CBS, my guess is that B&M were paid whatever percentage they owned.  Don't know if they had a choice or not, but in 1957 or 58 (my memory of when they were sold), who knew they'd go on forever?   Jess had the option of retaining his ownership which he did and the income is still being generated for his heirs.   I saw a news article recently that I Love Lucy STILL generates $20million annually for CBS.


All above subject to fact checking.....

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I hope they got decent pay. Lucy had a lot of respect for good writers and they were two of the best, considering she stuck with them for approx. 12 full TV seasons.

She stuck with them?? Funny way to put it considering they (along with Oppenheimer) created if not ILL at least the "essence" of it along with the original Lucy character on radio's "Husband"... and they were integral in the success of not only ILL but the nearly-comparable first season of TLS and beyond, happily returning to the "Lucy"-verse with the snappy HL script for the classic Burton & Taylor episode.... Pity so much history was tarnished (so to speak) with their ill-conceived and lamely-written comeback vehicle for Big Red, LWL....  :blink:

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