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Lucy on "the Pearl Bailey Show"


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This aired in January of 1971.  I had some family thing that I could NOT get out of (no matter how much I cajoled, wheedled, jollied and --when all else failed--cried), so I set up my tape recorder.  For years, all I had was the audio of this and I could only imagine what was going on onstage judging by audience reaction (laughter, applause in middle of song). Alas "Pearl" was off the air by May and never went into reruns.  I didn't think I'd ever see it again. 

This was done more as a comedy song, and while Lucy's vocals were not as top-notch as they were in other shows, she could still hit an "A" (the note I'm the GIRL who will LEAD the BAND).  Given her passable vocals and leggy agility, no one can blame Warners for thinking she was their "Mame".

"Pearl" was taped at the old "Hollywood Palace" which is where the Merv Griffin shows were done. Unfortunately variety shows were beginning to wane. It was a mid-season replacement and it was opposite two top 20 shows: My three Sons and Adam 12.  All 3 shows would have skewed old.



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They sure don't make 'em like Pearlie Mae anymore, darn it! Well while this was a fun, up, energetic dance number and she looked and danced great, if Warners had heard her "unvarnished" (ahem) "singing" voice in this 5 minute offering they would have offered the lead to Lansbury after all! :blink:


Too bad they didn't have things like AutoTune back in the day... what a difference it would have made! ;)

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