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Ralph Hart Biography

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I am a huge fan of Ralph Hart and would love to know more information about his biography, namely what he does now, if he's married, children, what he did after The Lucy Show?? etc. etc.


I feel his talents were wasted and he could have gone on to do greater things!


Does anyone have any background information/pictures about/of him.


I can only find information about him on IMBd which doesn't say much except he was in 2 episodes of My Three Sons post TLS.





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I did some searching for you & found a link to a site called sitcomsonline dot com. There is a message board there and one of the questions is "Whatever happened to Ralph Hart?" There are at least six replies, but I couldn't access it -- a message said the site is being moved to a new server on this date.


Maybe give it a try in a few days? Let us know if you find anything good there :)


I thought I heard/read somewhere that he left acting while still a kid and is a married businessman living somewhere in the Pacific Northwest -- don't know if this is true or not, though.

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