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I Love Lucy Christmas Special Makes Top 10

Mr. Wilson

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The Nielsen ratings were just released for the week of December 21st-December 27th and Lucy still is popular with the viewing audience.  The colorized I Love Lucy Christmas Special came in 10th place with 7,384,000 viewers.  It was the highest viewed show of the night (December 23rd).  Since it was number one in its' time slot 8:00-9:00 pm it beat out reruns of ABC's The Middle and The Goldbergs; Fox's repeat of Empire and NBC's showings of How the Grinch Stole Christmas and How Murray Stole Christmas.  Grinch was the only show against Lucy to make the Top 20.  The Grinch came in 20th place with 4,899,000.  


The demo ratings for Lucy were very good.  It came in first in its' timeslot with 18-34 year olds and first in its' timeslot with 18-49 year olds (1.1).  However, the Grinch did outpoint Lucy in the first half hour in the demo race with a 1.2 to Lucy's 1.1. 


It's been 63 years since the Lucy Does A TV Commercial aired and it's still popular with the public.  I hope CBS, in the future, starts to look at some of the episodes of The Lucy Show and decides to air them as specials.  They could start with the two Christmas episodes Together for Christmas (1962) and the color Lucy the Choirmaster (1965).  I'm so tired of CBS treating The Lucy Show as second rate.  It was a classic series that ran six years and finished in the Top 10 every year and the DVDs have sold pretty good since they were all remastered.    

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Why in the ever living heck did we only get it once this year??? In previous years it's aired a couple weeks before Christmas, slammed the ratings, and then they reair it.


Also, since the flashbacks were finally colorized, is that a sign that the episodes they were taken from are next on the list to be colorized (that would make sense since they already have a head start on them) and just maaaybeee next year they'll give us the Christmas special without scenes cut?

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