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Sexual innuendo in I Love Lucy

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True, considering Desi Arnaz probably owns the patent on Viagra. I saw the one referred to earlier about FRED HAS TIMED IT SO HE CAN DO EVERYTHING IN ONE MINUTE one a few nights ago and the audience does seem to laugh atthe sexual innuendo rather than just the funny line, LOL!

Nope. Oral ED meds weren't made available in the use til around the time Desi died, if not a little later. Viagra specifically wasn't created til 1998.

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Not an ILL innuendo, but one that made me laugh out loud nonetheless:

In Miss Grant Takes Richmond, when the character of Peggy, played by Janis Carter, first enters and sees Lucy, the competitive tension is obvious. Peggy pauses, looks around the office, and contemplates, "Hmmm... Dick's around here somewhere...", as if she's going on a treasure hunt or something. The line reading is so perfect, it caught me off guard and I snorted a little bit.

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