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Lucy and Gun Control?


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Forgive me if I've told this before, but this story reminds me of a college acquaintance of mine, Bill, who moved off campus with his best friend into an apartment nearby.  One night Bill went out with some friends.  When he got back home it was very late and he discovered he had forgotten his key.  He didn't want to awaken his roommate/best friend, so he decided to climb through an open window.  His roommate wound up being awakened anyway, thought an intruder was breaking into the apartment, and shot Bill dead.  I went to the funeral and it was just heartbreaking seeing his parents and siblings so broken to pieces.  And I've often wondered about whatever became of Bill's best friend.  How do you live with something like that, knowing you ended your best friend's life?


A similar thing almost happened to my grandfather. He sometimes worked late and gave my grandmother a gun for protection. One night she was asleep and woke up thinking an intruder was in the room.  Just before she was about to shoot, the lights came on and it was my grandfather.  So my grandfather survived, but it was a very close call.


I did, however, lose one of my best friends in high school.  His parents had a gun and one morning before school, Samuel, who had been privately suffering depression, picked up their gun and killed himself.  He was only 16 years old.  Another classmate had killed himself a few months before with a gun his parents had given him.  He was just 15.  And then there was a kid a few years older than me who, along with his best friend, were given guns by their parents for Christmas.  That very day they went hunting together and one of them accidentally killed the other.  Those families' lives were ripped apart forever.

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