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Viv Visits Lucy

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As wonderful as it is to see Viv reunite with Lucy for the first time since leaving the show, I have some issues with this episode.


Firstly, I find it baffling that the writers decided Lucy didn't attend Viv's wedding. Another missed opportunity: Lucy and Viv reminiscing about the wedding, thus providing us with at least a description of events that should've been depicted. Not only that, but Lucy appears never to have met Mr. Bunson, which seems highly illogical.


I remember seeing an earlier draft of the script for sale on eBay years ago. A few preview pages were shown, including their discussion at the airport. In this version, Viv said her husband's name was Charlie instead of Vern. Fortunately this was omitted, thus preventing another name continuity error.


I know a lot of people get a kick out of the girls in hippie swag, but I find it odd that this was the best reunion plot the writers could come up with. From the over exaggerated portrayals of the younger hippies to Lucy and Viv's stuffy, holier than thou attitudes, the show reeks of narrow mindedness.


All in all, this one was a misfire in my book. I find the Joan Crawford episode the following season to be the best of their TLS reunion episodes.

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