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Lucy takes over the Idaho Lottery


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Happy you will be with Lucy, buy one scratch card and wait till you see. 

You've got my vote. 


If they wanted to go whole hog with the Lucy connection and the lottery thing, they should have 1/2 a "bonus buck" and you must go all over town chasing down the other half.

I'm not quite sure what the "bonus buck" concept was in the 50s but I think it was a "thing".   As depicted on I Love Lucy, it was matching serial numbers which seems like a real long shot.....sort of like winning the lottery.

"Bonus Bucks" is not one of my favorites.  However she's got that wonderful moment when she realizes Ethel has her buck.   She conveys so much in that one facial expression.  How as an actress, she could do that is amazing.  And the reason we're all here on the board.  (Brock had gif of it for a while.).

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