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60 Years in Celoron

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Cool! Do they not like having trees in Celeron?? :blink:



Joey:  OUR hometown is CELORON; though many mis-spell it.  Trees DO NOT line Lucy Lane; since the sidewalks take up much room on one side; the houses on the other side come nearly to Lane.  I'm not sure if the sidewalks REMAIN across from 59LucyLane; but, will check when I'm out later.  It's my old neighborhood; (2 blocks north, corner 10th & Dunham) you'd think I would KNOW/REMEMBER.  Growing up, however, huge maples (I think they were maples) lined the outside/southside LucyLane; the school when it was 8th street.  Our grade school was torn down many years ago, although Lloyd Faulkner has done a wonderful tapestry/needlepoint which hangs in the gift shop/museum, a wonderful saving piece of history.  The old Celoron high school/grade school remains, and is now a product of the Resource Center, their corporate offices this area; but, looks much the same.  Loving you, JK :fabrary:

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