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And the winner is.....


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This is Lucy related because she presented the award to producer Fielder Cook at the Emmys in 1967.  I'm not sure if she had won her surprise award yet that evening but I think she had.

Joey Bishop introduced her as "the apple of the CBS eye".  Lucy dispensed with any jokes and got right to business.

"You have seen excerpts of the three shows nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Musical Programming.   In this category, there are two awards: one for the producer and one for the star.  The nominees are "Toscanini: The Maestro Revisited","Bell Telephone Hour", "Frank Sinatra: A Man and His Music Part 2" Dwight Hemion, Producer, Frank Sinatra, star; and "Brigadoon", Fielder Cook, producer and Robert Goulet, star.

And the winner is.....(and here she heaves a huff/sigh) The winner in New York is Brigadoon..."

She had lingered lovingly over the Frank Sinatra title,like she hoped that would win, and seemed a little annoyed when it didn't. 

The three nominees couldn't have been more different.  I would say "Brigadoon" was not strictly a "music program".   The production method was very rare.  Videotape on location was relatively new for a scripted show.  Usually they would switch to film for any out-of-studio scenes. 

Brigadoon was sponsored by Armstrong Floor Covering.....and you could only get the album at one of their stores.  I did. It was very cheap: 99 cents, I think, when most albums were going for about $5 to $6. 




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