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Lucy on Cheers?

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Never heard this story and I read Ken's blog daily.




Writer-producer Ken Levine told of how the comedy icon almost became part of the cast. "We heard the first year that Lucille Ball loved Cheers, and we all thought she should play Diane's mom. We thought that would really boost the show," Levine explained. Ball met with co-creators Les and Glen Charles. However, the television legend eventually backed out of the role, sensing that I Love Lucy lovers would find the new character too drastic a leap from her established onscreen persona.

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I wonder how much was this her decision and how much Gary? Of course from the story I hear it was her who made up a dental alt excuse to not do the Golden Girls offer.


I have the new Golden Girls book (sadly no index) so when I (or anyone with it) comes across it hopefully we'll have some more info on that.

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New Golden Girls book?


I'd heard the Cheers story before. I'm not sure if I can fully picture her as Shelley Long's mother, but it would've been great if she could've guest starred. I'm glad to hear she was a fan.


The new book is by Frank DeCaro's other (better?) half Jim Colucci, who's written other "TV history" books including a previous, more light-hearted effort, "The Q Guide to The Golden Girls" (about 10 years (!) ago), as well as a tome on Will and Grace.


This new effort is already being considered the "definitive" history of the show, it's creation and interviews with the cast, crew, writers and many others involved in it's being put on the air.


Can't wait to get my hands on it and especially to see if any light is shed on the Bea/Betty "feud" as well as the Lucy connection stories as well! :peachonthebeach:

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