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The Tonight Show - 1961

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I don't know that any 1957--1962 Paar tonight shows exist.  It turns my stomach to think that all that great stuff is "Gone with the Wind".  When Johnny took over in 1962, Paar took the same basic format to prime time, once a week Friday at 10...and that ran 3 years.  And yes, those are the clips we've seen.  I've heard the audio of a show done between Christmas and New Years of 1960 with Hugh Downs subbing for Paar.  Lucy is in full "Wildcat" make up because she's going from the show to the theater.  Hugh notes how wonderful she looks on the COLOR monitor.....and we'll never get to see it. 


Lucy not having any sense of humor is something that has gained momentum towards fact.  It's a "fun fact" like saying Fred Astaire off-stage was clumsy and had 2 left feet.  She was indeed funny, but wasn't a comic per se--she didn't have an "act".  People expected fun-loving slightly ditsy Lucy Ricardo.  

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So great to see them laughing together in these (well, except for the one in which Viv looks...well, like she needed a few of those tablets!!)!! Makes me wonder if there was any inkling yet at this point that Lucy would be returning to television and if so, if she'd started "working on" Viv joining her?? Probably too early but interesting to wonder about.... Jeez they not only made great history but had it as well! :viv2:

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