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Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Chronology - Week 3 - December


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December 16


William Frawley (Lucy's Fred Mertz), stars in Paramount Pictures', Hell and High Water, as Milton J. Bunsey, co-starring, among others, Richard Arlen, released this date in 1933.

LA Evening Herald Express, Harrison Carroll: “Lucille Ball wouldn't sign for her radio show until it was agreed to change the name of the program from Mr. and Mrs. Cugat to My Favorite Husband. Lucille even wants them to give the married couple in the script another name than Cugat, since her bandleader husband, Desi Arnaz, and rumba king, Xavier Cugat, have no love for one another,†published this date in 1948.

Lucille Ball and co-star, Richard Denning, appear, My Favorite Husband “George's Christmas Present,†airing this date in 1949.

Lucille Ball and co-star, Richard Denning, appear, My Favorite Husband “The Christmas Cardsâ€, co-starring veteran supporting cast members, Frank Nelson and Jay Novello, airs this date in 1950.

Desi Arnaz and Orchestra record background music, (“I Love Lucyâ€), Episode #116, filmed this date in 1954.

The Post Journal, Jamestown NY - Associated Press New York (AP) - Drama Critic William Glover: Lucy's Wildcat Roars In To First Nighters Delight - “Lucille Ball, TV's comic queen, brings a welcome wallop of glee to Broadway stage in Wildcat, Alvin Theater, playing a jean-clad frontier dame in the days when oil first gushed high in the Southwest's sky. Co-stars Paula Stewart and Keith Andes - Entertaining, it is Culture, it ain't,†published this date in 1960.

Desi Arnaz flies in from LA for the opening night of Wildcat - 12/16/60-6/3/61 - with an ecstatic sold-out audience, and throws a bouquet of orchids at Lucille's feet during her finale bows. He also hosts a party for her, with Vivian Vance (Lucy's Ethel Mertz) and Milton Berle, in attendance, this date in 1960.

Herald-Tribune critic, Walter Kerr: “Is it simply the unsmiling libretto of N. Richard Nash that makes her seem to be performing by proxy? The general temperature is mild for a big Broadway fandango, and the rueful silences are many. It's the time; it's the place; where's the girl?†published this date in 1960.

Journal-American: “This mishmash could have been conceived on any TV-Western assembly line,†published this date in 1960.

NY Post: “It is good to see the handsome, talented and vital Lucille Ball on the Broadway stage. It would be even better to see her in a good show,†published this date in 1960.

World-Telegram, critic Frank Aston: “The ovation greeting the frisky lady threatened to reach into next month, and all evening affection ran so high that the last words and notes of specialities were drowned in applause,†published this date in 1960.

The Post Journal, Jamestown NY - Jottings in Pencil, The Voice of Broadway by Dorothy Kilgallen - Baseballer Crazy About Edie Adams - Lucille Ball Not Interested in Play “Lucille Ball is still being beseiged with offers to do another Broadway show, but she keeps telling the producers that her last experience was her last experience,†published this date in 1963.

The Lucy Show, “Lucy's College Reunion†- Lucy and Viv attend Lucy's college reunion to show Chris the campus, airing this date in 1963.

William Frawley (Lucy's Fred Mertz), guest stars, as Bill Turner, in TV My Living Doll, “Doctor Is Inâ€, starring Robert Cummings, Doris Dowling, Jack Mullaney, and Julie Newmar, and co-starring Harry Lauter, airing this date in 1964.

(“Here's Lucyâ€) “Lucy, the Matchmakerâ€, Ray Singer, writer - guest starring Vivian Vance (Lucy's Ethel Mertz), as Vivian Jones - Lucy decides its time to find a girl for Harry, and seeks the aid of a computer dating service, airing this date in 1968.

Vivian Vance (Lucy's Ethel Mertz) appears, as Vivian Jones, 4 episodes, on (“Here's Lucyâ€) between 1968 and 1972 - “Lucy, the Matchmakerâ€, 1968, “Lucy and Lawrence Welkâ€, “Lucy and Viv Visit Tijuanaâ€, 1970, and “With Viv as a Friend, Who Needs an Enemyâ€, 1972, and commencing this date in 1968.

LA Times, Richard Holguin: ?ucille Ball Starring in Northridge Classroom, published this date in 1979.

TV Guide cover: Lucy's Found Christmas Episode - Picture of Lucille Ball, as Santa, appears for this week in 1989.

Madlyn Rhue, co-star, Desilu Productions', The Whirlybirds, unknown year, and The Untouchables, 1960; Desilu-filmed, Slattery's People, 1965; as well as Desilu Productions', Star Trek “Space Seedâ€, 1967, dies this date in 2003.

Lucie Arnaz is interviewed, and sings, on That's Entertainment, a Manhattan-based television show, by friend and musician/composer, Billy Stritch, on this date in 2004.


December 17


Lucille Ball's Step-Grandmother, Sophia S. Malmberg Peterson - puritanical strict disciplinarian, who covered mirrors to prevent Lucille from becoming too vain; molded Lucille into a good student, with good grades, with self-reliance and an active imagination. Lucille grew to greatly love her remembering the lunches packed for her school day; and who was always there when Lucille needed someone. Lucille tried to get Grandma Peterson to move to California with the family; but, failed in the effort,†is born in Sweden, this date in 1857.

Martin Skiles, uncredited composer, additional music, William Frawley (Lucy's Fred Mertz) film, 1944, as well as composer, stock music, William Frawley film, 1947; original music composer, conducted by Wilbur Hatch, My Favorite Husband, 1948-1951, is born this date in 1906.

Dave Madden, Lucille Ball guest co-star, Life With Lucy, 1986, is born this date in 1931.

Hollywood Citizen News, Harrison Carroll: “Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball, the newlyweds, moved into her apartment on return to Hollywood. They are still uncertain about their plans. Desi has one more picture to make for RKO, but he wasn't supposed to start until June,†published this date in 1940.

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz appear on stage at the Ritz Theater, Newburgh, NY, with Louis Prima and his new Orchestra, in a benefit performance for the Red Cross War Relief Fund, on this date in 1941.

Lucille Ball appears on the Abbott and Costello Show, also starring Mel Blanc, on this date in 1942.

LA Evening Herald Express, Jimmy Starr: “20th Century Fox is gabbing long-term deal to Lucille Ball published this date in 1945.

LA Evening Herald Express, Harrison Carroll: “Never tap on a window to attract Lucille Ball's attention. Her voice coach did, and Lucille screamed and fainted. Seems she has had a phobia since she was 9 years old and her Grandpa Hunt ‘Daddy' was telling her tales of the Little Big Horn, and she had seen the gypsies camping around town; looked up and saw a face in the window, thinking him an Indian, began screaming,†published this date in 1945.

(“I Love Lucyâ€) “Lucy Is Jealous of Girl Dancer†- an episode wherein Lucy actually gets into the act; joining the show to spy on the new girl in Ricky's show, airing this date in 1951.

Barry Livingston, Lucille Ball guest co-star, The Lucy Show, 1964, as well as co-starring in Desilu Productions', Vacation Playhouse, an unsold pilot proposed for CBS, 1966; is born this date in 1953.

(“I Love Lucyâ€) “Sentimental Anniversary†– with veteran supporting cast member, Barbara Pepper and the Mayer Twins, as Little Ricky, in which Lucy wants to spend their anniversary in their own apartment, filmed this date in 1953.

Jamestown (NY) Post Journal: Lucille, Desi Wire They'll Be Here Feb. 6 - “Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz today wired a personal confirmation from Hollywood, California, of plans to come to Jamestown February 6-7, for the world premiere of their new motion picture Forever Darling, to Jon A. Hall, managing editor of The Post-Journal 'feel honored . . . looking forward to being in Jamestown . . . share in your enthusiasm for the big premiere plans,†published this day in 1955.

CBS (The Lucy Show) - 30-minutes, black & white this is not a misprint, nor Miss Ball's classic 1960's sitcom. The re-runs of (“I Love Lucyâ€) on Sundays have done so well for CBS, it decides to add this extra night of (“I Love Lucyâ€) re-runs on Saturdays in the very early evening. New graphics are made to reflect the change of title and sponsor, this date in 1955.

Jamestown (NY) Post Journal: Lucy and Desi on Location “Lucille Ball and husband, Desi Arnaz (photo) take a luncheon break in the great outdoors at Yosemite during filming of Forever Darling, scheduled to get its World Premiere at the Palace Theater (now Reg Lenna Civic Center) here on Tuesday night, February 7, 1956. Miss Ball will return to Jamestown with her husband for the Pemiere, which will swing Filmdom's spotlight on Jamestown for a gala two-day homecoming program,†published this day in 1955.

(“I Love Lucyâ€) “Little Ricky's School Pageant†- Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ethel, all taking part in Little Ricky's PTA show, airing this date in 1956.

Eddie Acuff, appears with Lucille Ball, 1938; co-star, William Frawley (Lucy's Fred Mertz), 1939, 1940, 1941, 2 films, 1945; with Lucille, 1945; with Frawley, 2 films, 1947, 1949; with Lucille, 1949, dies this date in 1956.

NY Herald Tribune, Walter Kerr: “Review of Wildcat,†published this date in 1960.

NY Times, H. Taubman: “Review of Wildcat,†published this date in 1960.

The Lucy Show, “Lucy and Her Electric Mattress†- Viv complains about her mattress; goes away for a few days; Lucy redecorates Viv's room, replaces the old with a new electric mattress, which is defective; Viv returns to have to sleep in the kids' bunk beds, judged a fan favorite, airing this date in 1962.

Desilu Productions', The Greatest Show on Earth “A Black Dress for Ginaâ€, starring Jack Palance, as Johnny Slate, co-starring, Geraldine Brooks, among others, airs this date in 1963.

Lucille Ball is recipient of the Golden Apple Award “Female Star of the Yearâ€, this date in 1963.

Desilu Productions', Mission: Impossible, “Versus The Mobâ€, starring Peter Graves, Barbara Bain, Vincent Gardenia, Martin Landau, Peter Lupus, Greg Morris; co-starring, Eduardo Ciannelli, among others - the last episode by Desilu Productions', is released in 1969.

(“Here's Lucyâ€) “Lucy and Chuck Connors Have a Surprise Slumber Party†- with guest co-star, Chuck Connors - Harry rents out Lucy's house to a filming production company, airing this date in 1973.

Frank Sully, Lucille Ball early film-career co-star, 1934; co-star, William Frawley (Lucy's Fred Mertz), 1935; co-star, Lucille, 1936; co-star, Frawley, 1937; co-star Lucille, 1941, 1943; co-star, Frawley, 1946, 1950, 1951; as well as cast member, (“I Love Lucyâ€), 1952, dies this date in 1975.

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz welcome Haley Arnaz to Desi IV and wife, Amy, born this date in 1976.

The Post Journal, Jamestown NY - Information Center - In Years Past - 50 years ago: “Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz wired a personal confirmation from Hollywood, CA, of plans to come here February 6-7 for the world premiere of Forever Darling. The celebrated husband-wife team who have scaled the heights of TV fame, notified Jon A. Hall, Managing Editor of this paper, that they 'feel honored and are looking forward to being in Jamestown and share in your enthusiasm for the big premiere plans'. For Lucille, the premiere would be a gala homecoming and a chance to renew acquaintance with her many friends, as well as providing an opportunity for her hometown to meet husband, Desi Arnaz,†published this date in 2005.

Lucy-Desi Center Acquires Historic ("I Love Lucy") Costume - Jamestown, NY - Fifty years ago, "Little Ricky's School Pageant," Episode 63, (“I Love Lucyâ€) aired for the first time. The Rapaport Desilu Playhouse founders, Mary and Bill Rapaport, have purchased and donated, through the Lucy-Desi Center Acquisition Society (2005), Mr. Hippity-Hoppity, the costume worn by William Frawley, in that episode, the only actual piece of prop worn by Frawley (Fred Mertz), to become a part of the Museum to date. The costume had been part of the Estate of Pepito Perez, and was offered at a Hollywood memorabilia auction in Beverly Hills in December 2005. Lucille Ball's ensemble prop completion of cello case and stand, the cello, which Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz used in their vaudeville tour, a prelude to (“I Love Lucyâ€) was acquired at the same time. These props make their new home in the Playhouse, 50th anniversary of the named (“I Love Lucyâ€) episode, airing 50 years ago this date,†in 2006.

Jennifer Jones, Academy Award-winning actress, 1944; wife to Robert Walker; Desi Arnaz early-film career co-star; appears in Since You Went Away, 1944, for which she was nominated for an Oscar, as Best Supporting Actress; with then-husband Walker, and many Lucy/ Lucille/Desilu co-stars, guest co-stars; veteran cast members, such as Claudette Colbert, Lloyd Corrigan, Agnes Moorehead, Craig Stevens, Guy Williams, Monty Woolley, Keenan Wynn; and, in uncredited roles, Irving Bacon, Florence Bates, Byron Foulger, and Barbara Pepper; as well as appearing via archival footage with Lucille Ball and Desi, Off the Menu: The Last Days of Chasen's 1997, dies, with son, Robert Walker, Jr., at her side, on this date in 2009.


December 18


Betty Grable, Lucille Ball co-star, 2 films, 1935, 1936, appears in a compilation film Betty created early in her career, RKO Radio's, Hollywood Bound, a compilation of three 2-reel shorts, with Lucille, via archival footage from A Nite At The Biltmore Bowl, 1947; Desilu Productions' guest, with husband, Harry James, among many others, Shower of Stars, 1954, 1955, 1958; The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, 1958, archivally, with Lucille, That's Dancing! 1985; as well as with Lucille, via archival footage, Entertaining the Troops, 1994; is born this date in 1916.

Ralph Levy, director, (“I Love Lucyâ€), 1951; Producer, Stars in Their Eye, 1952; Desilu Productions', Shower of Stars producer, 1954, 2 episodes, 1955, and 1957; Desilu-filmed, The Jack Benny Program, Director, 56 episodes between 1951-62; as well as Producer, 12 episodes between 1951-62, and Executive Producer, 23 episodes between 1953-61, Director, (“I Love Lucyâ€), 1990; is born this date in 1919.

Gary Gray, guest, Desilu Productions', The Lineup, Cavalcade of America, December Bride, and Desilu Studios'-filmed The Adventures of Jim Bowie 2 episodes, 1956; (“I Love Lucyâ€), 1957; as well as Desilu-filmed, the Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp, 1957; is born this date in 1936.

LA Examiner, I Cover Hollywood, Lloyd Pantages: “When you see Lucille Ball do a succession of spills in Lily Pons' picture, That Girl From Paris, don't think she didn't suffer for her art. She took exactly 37 violent and resounding flops to the floor, and as a result was in bed for forty-eight hours straight,†published this date in 1936.

Hollywood Citizen News, Lowell E. Redelings: “20th Century Fox execs are dangling term deal before Lucille Ball but, chances are she will sign for two pictures per year at most,†published this date in 1945.

LA Evening Herald Express, Harrison Carroll: “Within five days after Lucille Ball filed a $100,000 suit over the use of her name on a Desi Arnaz recording, she sang in it for a lark, RCA Victor had received 190,000 orders for the disc,†published this date in 1946.

LA Evening Herald Express, Jimmy Starr: “Lucille Ball will star in the local company of Garson Kanin's Born Yesterday,†published this date in 1946.

Lucille Ball and co-star, Richard Denning, appear My Favorite Husband “Liz' New Dressâ€, Episode #23, with veteran supporting cast members, Frances Chaney, Joe Kearns, and Frank Nelson, airs this date in 1948.

Mary Kay and Johnny, featuring husband/wife team, Johnny and Mary Kaye Stearns, fledgling television fifteen-minute situation comedy, appearing on three networks, have their 'child' in actuality, on the 'show.' this date in 1948.

Hollywood Citizen News, Sheilah Graham: “Indications now point to Lucille Ball and Clark Gable appearing in a pair of pictures during 1949,†published this date in 1949.

Leonard Maltin, appears with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, both via archival footage, 1998; as well as with Lucille, via archival footage, You Know the Face, 2009, is born this date in 1950.

(“I Love Lucyâ€) “Lucy Fakes Illnessâ€â€“ with veteran supporting cast member, Hal March, in which Lucy develops 'symptoms', and which episode is filmed this date in 1951.

Desilu Productions' Cavalcade of America, (Dupont Theatre) “The Blessed Midnight†- W. Argyle Nelson, Production Supervisor, James Paisley, Production Manager, Dann Cahn, Editorial Supervisor, starring Maureen O'Sullivan, among many others, Don W. Sharpe, many-year associate of Desilu, Executive Producer, sixth of seven Desilu-produced episodes, airs this date in 1956.

Desilu Productions' Yancy Derringer, Jock Mahoney, as Yancy, among many others, “Marble Fingersâ€, co-starring, among many others, Kasey Rogers, with Lucy and Desilu veterans W. Argyle Nelson, Production Supervisor and Don E. Sharpe, Executive Producer, airs this date in 1958.

Lucille Ball renovated Lela Rogers' Little Theatre in the RKO Studio she and Desi owned, and set up a course of instruction to nurture twenty-two up and coming young performers, in 1958.

Wildcat musical number, “What Takes My Fancyâ€, is recorded this date in 1960.

The Lucy Show, “Lucy and Carol Burnett, Part Two - A.K.A. 'Lucy and Carol Get Their Wings'†- Bob O'Brien, writer - finally getting their flight-attendant wings, Lucy, Mooney and Carol put on a musical, airing this date in 1967.

(“Here's Lucyâ€) “Lucy and the Group Encounter†- Lucy and Harry have been bickering and veteran supporting cast member, Mary Jane Croft, suggests they go to a group encounter to work it out; also with veteran Lucy supporting cast member, Vanda Barra, airing this date in 1972.

LA Times, “Lucy to Win Golden Apple Award,†published this date in 1973.

The (“I Love Lucyâ€) Christmas Special was first aired in the 50's, and again, this date, in 1989.

TV Guide 50th Anniversary: Lucille Ball appears as part of a collage cover, this week in 1993.

Associated Press: “Mary Kay Stearns, half the husband/wife team with a show similar to (“I Love Lucyâ€) in the 1940's, Mary Kay and Johnny, a 15-minute show appearing on three networks, speaking of husband's fondness for the sitcom, considering it the 'centerpiece' of his life, and the pride of his television pioneer status,†published this date in 2001.

Jack Linkletter, Desilu Productions', Here's Hollywood, host, 12 episodes, 1962, dies this date in 2007.

Majel Barrett, Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse, 1959; The Lucy Show, 1962; A Guide For The Married Man, 1967; Desilu Productions', Star Trek, 1966-69, dies this date in 2008.


December 19


Mabel Paige, Lucille Ball co-star, 1947; (“I Love Lucyâ€), 1954; as well as guest, Desilu Productions', Cavalcade of America, 1954, is born this date in 1880.

Gary Morton, comedian, actor, avid golfer, Lucille Ball's second husband, is born this date in 1924.

Lucille Ball appears as a regular cast member Sunday nights on CBS Radio, The Phil Baker Show, this date in 1937.

LA Evening Herald Express, Harrison Carroll: “Desi Arnaz' sensational new singer is Jane Harvey. Incidentally, Desi and Lucille Ball have moved from the ranch to a Hollywood hotel while both are working,†published this date in 1946.

TV Guide Special Issue: Lucille Ball and collage of Annual Award recipients appear on the cover for this week in December 19-25, 1952.

Desi Arnaz, as Ricardo, The Orchestra Leader, and the Desi Arnaz Orchestra, perform at CBS-TV General Service Studios (“I Love Lucyâ€) “The Passportsâ€, with Sue Casey - Lucy learns the Jamestown Hall of Records doesn't have her birth certificate which is based, in part, on My Favorite Husband, “The Passportsâ€, airing this date in 1955.

NY Post, Earl Wilson: “It Happened Last Night, published this date in 1960.

Nobody Loves An Albatross, a Broadway Play, written by Ronald Alexander, who worked as writer for Desilu Studios in the late 1950's, rumored 'unhappily'. Albatross starred Robert Preston, and was supposedly a thinly-disguised reference to Lucille Ball, as well as a resemblance to many Hollywood 'characters', opens at New York? Lyceum Theater this date in 1963.

Desilu Productions' Fractured Flickers, with veteran supporting cast (Lucy) member, Hans Conried, Host, who explains what a 'fractured flicker' is; introduces several wacky segments and interviews guests, co-starring this segment, Barbara Eden and semi-regulars, June Foray, Paul Frees and Harry Langdon, which airs on this date in 1963.

Lucie Arnaz, nominated for a Golden Globe Award, 1981, as Best Motion Picture Actress in a Supporting Role, co-stars, as Molly Bell, in CBS'/EMI Films', The Jazz Singer, with Neil Diamond, nominated as Best Motion Picture Actor Musical/Comedy, as well as for Best Original Song Motion Picture; with Sir Lawrence Olivier, as well as many others, a film earning three Golden Globe Award nominations - 1981, on this date in 1980.

Desert Magazine (Palm Springs): “Obituary, Desi Arnaz,†published this date in 1986.

Audrey Christie, film and stage actress, having many intersecting career roles, not only with Lucille Ball (Without Love - played same role on stage); originated two roles both Lucille and Vivian Vance (Lucy's Ethel Mertz) played, Miriam Aarons; as well as Eve Arden, Bea Arthur, and William Frawley (Lucy's Fred Mertz); between roles and actual co-starring parts, such as Voice of the Turtle, both film and stage; both stage and film roles, The Unsinkable Molly Brown, 1964, (for which Lucille was considered a stage part) in which she co-starred with Lucy veteran supporting cast member, Kathryn Card; Mame, both stage and film; on stage, with Vivian, Let's Face It, 1941; guest, Desilu Productions', Fair Exchange, 1962, Desilu-filmed, Slattery's People “What Can You Do With a Wounded Tigerâ€, 1965; co-star with Lucille in Mame, as Mrs. Upson, 1974; co-star, Bea Arthur, Maude, “Maude's Motherâ€, as Florence Chadburn, 1975; co-star, with Vance, Over Easy, 1977, dies this date in 1989.

Lee Van Cleef, guest, Desilu Productions', Yancy Derringer, 1959, The Untouchables, 1960, and The Gun of Zangara, uncredited, 1960; as well as guest, Desilu Studios'-filmed The Joey Bishop Show, 1962, dies this date in 1989.

Lucille Ball appears on cover of TV Guide's 50th Anniversary, this week in 1993.

NY Daily News (Supplement, David Hinckley): “Why We Love Lucy,†published in 2000.

Henna Hooper's Hollywood - News from the Wonderful World of Lucy - Controversy in Jamestown; New Museum Proposed by Arnazes - “Based on a Sunday, December 16, letter Lucie and Desi Arnaz IV, written to the people of Jamestown regarding the current Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Museum, which has been managed by the Arts Council of Chautauqua County, informing the Council that they will be creating a new, independent Museum, with Ric Wyman, long-time Lucy fan, as Museum Director,†posted this date in 2001.

The Post-Journal (Jamestown NY) - Evans Gives Support To Lucy-Desi Center - “Ray Evans has become a major financial supporter of the Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Museum. Evans and musical partner, Jay Livingston, deceased husband of Shirley Mitchell, veteran supporting cast member of (“I Love Lucyâ€), co-wrote “Silver Bellsâ€, “Mona Lisaâ€, “Que Sera, Seraâ€, “Buttons and Bowsâ€, and theme songs for Mr. Ed and Bonanza, as well as for two of Lucille Ball's co-starring movies with Bob Hope, Sorrowful Jones and Fancy Pants. Evans was born in Salamanca, NY, 30 miles east of Jamestown, Lucille's hometown, and knew her well,†published this date in 2006.

Arnold Stang, Lucille Ball early-film career co-star, Seven Days' Leave, 1942; Desilu Productions' December Bride, 3 episodes, 1956; Here's Hollywood, 1960; as well as, You Don't Say, 1963, dies this date in 2009.


December 20


Irene Dunne, co-stars with William Frawley (Lucy's Fred Mertz), 1928; as well as Lucille Ball early film-career co-star, 1938, with Lucille, via archival footage, Entertaining the Troops, 1994; is born this date in 1898.

Dennis Morgan co-star, in an uncredited role, with Vivian Vance (Lucy's Ethel Mertz), 1936; co-star, among others, William Frawley (Lucy's Fred Mertz), Paramount Pictures', 1939; co-star, Frawley (Lucy's Fred Mertz), 1947, 1949, 1950; appears with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, A Star Is Born World Premiere, 1954, as well as, archivally, Hollywood Out-takes and Rare Footage, 1983, is born this date in 1908.

Audrey Totter, co-stars, uncredited (voice only) with Lucille Ball, 1945; co-stars with Vivian Vance (Lucy's Ethel Mertz), 1951; guest stars, Desilu Productions', The Californians, 1957, Desilu Studios'-filmed, The Red Skelton Show, 1958, 1959; as well as Desilu Productions', The Ann Sothern Show, 1960, is born this date in 1918.

LA Evening Herald Express, Harrison Carroll: 'Coming to Hollywood on the train with Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz found time and inspiration to write his third popular song. It's called “My New World With Youâ€, and Desi is dedicating it to his bride. You'll be hearing it soon,†published this date in 1940.

Hollywood Citizen News, Lowell Redelings: “Desi Arnaz and his band take over at Ciro's on January 4,†published this date in 1945.

Lucille Ball appears in Collier's Magazine this date in 1952.

Post Journal, Jamestown NY - Lucille Ball Booms Home Town TV Stars to Glamorize Sports Dinner February 6 “Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz will attend the Men's Club Sports Dinner at the Hotel Jamestown, February 6, when the husband-wife duo of television and movie fame visit Jamestown on that and the following day,†published this day in 1955.

(“I Love Lucyâ€) “Lucy Misses The Mertzesâ€, an episode in Westport, the Mertzes arriving to surprise the Ricardos, and the Ricardos thinking they have a home invasion, filmed this date in 1956.

Lucille Ball dining at Danny's Hideaway, a show-business hangout, with Agent, Danny Welkes, is introduced to Gary Morton at the next table, who was performing at Radio City Music Hall, and who leans over to shake her hand; his silver tie drags into her coffee cup, a definite Lucy moment!; the next day, Lucille sent Gary three silver ties, this date in 1960.

Love, Lucy, by Lucille Ball: “I met Gary Morton on December 20, a popular stand-up comedian, who had never seen me on television during the nine years we'd been on, as he was busy with his career. Gary left the following day for a week of nightclub engagements in Ohio. . .â€, this date in 1960.

The NY Times, Howard Taubman - alluding to ‘Albatross': “Ford

'capital' . . . gal tough enough and shrewd enough to head up her own studio . . . iceberg of studio head . . .,†published this date in 1963.

Desi Arnaz IV appears in Columbia Pictures' Corporation film, Murderers' Row, starring Dean Martin, as Matt Helm, and co-starring James Gregory; Ann-Margaret; Dean Paul Martin and Billy Hinsche, with Desi Arnaz IV, as Dino, Desi & Billy; and Karl Malden, released this date in 1966.

(“Here's Lucyâ€) “Lucy's Lucky Day†- Lucy wins Dairy Mother of the Year, tickets to a game show; wins; prize is a chimp, she must teach it a trick in a week; will win $1,000, airing this date in 1971.

William Lundigan, Host, Desilu Productions', Shower of Stars, 1954-57, and Host/Star, 1 episode, 1954; guest star, Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse, 1958, as well as with Lucille Hollywood Without Make-Up 1963, dies this date in 1975.

Lucie Arnaz appears, as herself, with Clifton Davis, on ABC's The $10,000 Pyramid, Dick Clark, Host, airing this date in 1977.

Lucille Ball makes a studio guest appearance on LA's The George Putnam Radio Show, on this date in 1985.

Peter Brocco, Lucille Ball early film-career co-star, 1949; Desilu Productions', Cavalcade of America, 1955; (“I Love Lucyâ€), 1956, 1957, Desilu Productions’, Sheriff of Cochise, 1957, The Untouchables, 1961, Star Trek, 1967, Mission: Impossible, 1970; dies this date in 1992.

Buffalo News: “Stars' Kids Cut Ties with Arts Council - direction of Museum,†published this date in 2001.

Foster Brooks, Lucille Ball (“Here's Lucyâ€) guest co-star, 1973, dies this date in 2001.

The Post Journal, Jamestown NY Information Center In Years Past 50 Years Ago: “Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz will attend Men's Club Sports Dinner, Hotel Jamestown, 2/6/56, when the duo of TV fame visit Jamestown (Lucille's hometown) on that and the following day. Arrangements have been completed through Honorary Chairman, Carl F. Sanford, for the appearance of the two stars at the annual event, which draws top names from the sports field,†published this date in 2005.

Jamestown NY - Ray Evans, with musical partner, Jay Livingston, wrote such enduring standards as “Mona Lisaâ€, “Silver Bellsâ€, “Que Sera, Seraâ€, “Buttons and Bowsâ€, and the theme songs to Mr. Ed and Bonanza, and was born just 30 miles down the road from Jamestown, in Salamanca NY, and has become a major supporter of the Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Museum, Jamestown NY. Evans and Livingston won three Oscars and seven Academy Award nominations; have had 26 songs selling a million plus - totalling 400 million-plus - records; and have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Evans and Lucille Ball had more of a connection than just being from the same 'neighborhood'. Evans and Livingston also wrote the music for two of the Queen of Comedy's movies with Bob Hope, Sorrowful Jones, 1949 and Fancy Pants, 1950. Shirley Mitchell, Jay Livingston's widow, who had a recurring role in ("I Love Lucy") as Marion Strong, introduced Evans to Museum personnel. As a result of that encounter, Mr. Evans made a $20,000 donation to the Lucy-Desi Center's expansion plans, announced on this date in 2006.


December 21


Joseph Mantell, guest, Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse, 2 episodes, 1959; Desilu Productions', The Scarface Mob, 1959, The Gun of Zangara, 1960, both archival appearances, The Untouchables, 1960; appears with William Frawley (Lucy's Fred Mertz), My Three Sons, 1964; Desilu Productions', Mission: Impossible, 1966, as well as Mannix, 1967, 1968, is born this date in 1915.

Paul Winchell, columnist, and Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz' friend; Lucille Ball guest co-star, The Lucy Show, 1966, 2 episodes, 1967, is born this date in 1922.

Hollywood Citizen News, Sidney Skolsky: Watching Them Make Pictures - “I watched a scene or two of The Joy of Living, with Lucille Ball - plays the sister, in a story with the moral: 'You don't need plenty of money to be happy', and I left the lot with that thought,†published this date in 1937.

Jane Fonda, daughter of Lucille Ball long-time friend and co-star, Henry Fonda; appeared with Lucille Ball, The American Film Institute Salute to Henry Fonda, 1978, as well as with Lucie Arnaz, Night of 100 Stars, 1982, is born this date in 1937.

Lucille Ball makes a guest appearance on The (Dean) Martin and (Jerry) Lewis Radio Show, their radio show premiering three months later, April 3, 1949, which appearance is recorded in two versions, edited and unedited, this date in 1948.

(“I Love Lucyâ€) “Ricky's Old Girlfriend†- Lucy, always bragging about old boyfriends, Ricky decides to teach her a lesson, which backfires, airing this date in 1953.

Creator/writer, Jess Oppenheimer, many years later, found his (“I Love Lucyâ€) contract extremely important - more valuable than he initially thought - in the wake of the highly-lucrative network daytime run and subsequent sale of The Lucy Show (1967), claiming, in a Superior Court lawsuit against Desilu, CBS, Lucille Ball Productions, and Gulf + Western Industries, an alleged breach of his (“I Love Lucyâ€) contract; his claim: “Lucy Ricardo, the character he created, has now evolved into Lucille Ball's character, Lucy Carmichael, The Lucy Show, purportedly based on the book Life Without George, breached the terms of his Desilu contract and settling out of court, said contract penned this date in 1954.

Ray Romano, guest Headliner, Lucy-Desi Days, 1998; as well as appears with Lucie Arnaz, CBS at 75, 2003, is born this date in 1957.

Variety: “Shows on Broadway Wildcat,†published this date in 1960.

The Lucy Show, “Lucy and the Missing Stamp†- Lucy vacuums up a rare stamp of Mooney's worth $3,000, airing this date in 1964.

Boston Sunday Advertiser TVue: Lucille Ball, Lucie Arnaz and Desi IV, appear on the cover for this week in 1969.

(“Here's Lucyâ€) “Lucy and Ma Parker†– co-starring veteran supporting cast member, Carole Cook, a female crook moves in next to Lucy, airing this date in 1970.

The Post Journal, Jamestown NY - Hollywood, Calif. Lucy-Desi Center Has Successful Hollywood Event “Television heavyweights helped make the second LOL Legacy of Laughter event a success for the Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Center. Professionals who write, produce, research and use comedy made up the distinguished group of panelists in Hollywood, continuing to fulfill the Center's mission to preserve and celebrate the legacy of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz and enrich the world through the healing powers of love and laughter,†is published this date in 2005.


December 22


Barbara Billingsley, of Leave It To Beaver fame; guest, Desilu Productions', Cavalcade of America, 1953, 1957; guest, Desilu Studios-filmed, The Danny Thomas Show, 1957; as well as guest, Desilu Productions', The Brothers, 1956, 4 episodes, 1957, is born this date in 1915.

Ruth Roman, guest, Desilu Productions', The Greatest Show on Earth, 1963, as well as Mission: Impossible, 1968, is born this date in 1922.

Times: Casting Notice: “20th Century, opening next week, includes . . . William Frawley (Lucy's Fred Mertz), as well as (“I Love Lucyâ€) veteran supporting cast member, Roy Roberts, this date in 1932.

Film Daily, That Girl From Paris, RKO Radio: “Grand work by all the principals, and very expertly directed for the laughs (Lucille Ball),†published this date in 1936.

Desi Arnaz and His LaConga Orchestra record in NYC, NY, on this date in 1939.

Harry Langdon, appears via archival footage, Desilu Productions' Fractured Flickers, 1963; with Lucille Ball, both via archival footage, Legends of Comedy 1992, dies this date in 1944.

CBS had been sustaining Lucille Ball, and co-star, Richard Denning's 30-minute Situation Comedy, My Favorite Husband, the first few months of shows and General Foods, promoting Jell-O, becomes sponsor, in 1948.

Flip Mark supporting cast member, The Lucy Show, 1964; The Mothers-In-Law, 1969; Desilu Productions', Guestward Ho!, 1961; and Mission: Impossible, 1972, is born this date in 1948.

Lucille Ball appears on Radio Program, The Martin and Lewis Show on this date in 1948.

(“I Love Lucyâ€) “Lucy Writes A Playâ€, wherein Ricky refused to take the lead part, for the women's club competition, is filmed this date in 1951.

Desi Arnaz and Orchestra, perform (“I Love Lucyâ€) “Lucy's Show Biz Swan Songâ€, a classic episode in which Lucy gets in the act, using bits and pieces from other episodes; i.e. Pepito The Clown scene; and the Santa Claus sketch from the previous year's Christmas episode, airing this date in 1952.

(“I Love Lucyâ€) “The Fox Huntâ€, wherein Lucy wrangles an invitation to an English manor, is filmed this date in 1955.

Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse “Ballad For A Badmanâ€, starring Steve Forrest and Jane Russell, airs this date in 1958.

Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse “The Eighth Circleâ€, airs this date in 1959.

Dick Elliott, Lucille Ball early film-career co-star, 1938; 1944; co-star, William Frawley (Lucy's Fred Mertz), 1952; (“I Love Lucyâ€), 1954, 1956; Desilu Productions', Cavalcade of America, 1956; Desilu-filmed, The Real McCoys, 1959, 1960, as well as Desilu Productions', December Bride, 1957, 1958 and 1959, dies this date in 1961.

Wanda Clark Stamatovich, Lucille Ball's secretary for 25 years, appears in (“Here's Lucyâ€): “Lucille wanted a 'real typist'. I didn't do well in front of a camera; but, it was a wonderful experience;†episode in which Lucy gets an assistant; enlists Kim; airing this date in 1969.

Wilbur Hatch, musical director, CBS Radio, My Favorite Husband; joined the (“I Love Lucyâ€) team; stayed in the Arnazes and Desilu Productions' employ all series, including, as Music Consultant, Mission: Impossible, 1966, 1967, until his death this date in 1969.

Darryl F. Zanuck, Studio Executive, and long-time friend of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz; appears, as producer, with Lucille, 1934; appears with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, Toast of the Town, 1958; dies this date in 1979.

Desi Arnaz IV, stars as Nebicher in 20th Century Fox TV's Automan, “Staying Alive While Running a High Flashdance Feverâ€, guest co-starring Mary Crosby and William Windom, airing this date in 1983.

Melody Thomas Scott, 20-year co-star, as Nicky, of The Young and the Restless, and Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Museum Board of Director member, has her life story told by Meredith Viera on TV's Intimiate Portrait, 5:00 a.m., this date in 2005.


December 23


Fred Aldrich, William Frawley (Lucy's Fred Mertz) uncredited co-star, 1942; cast member, ("I Love Lucy"), 1952, 2 episodes, 1953, 1954, 1956, is born this date in 1904.

James Gregory, Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz guest co-star, Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse, 1959, Desilu Productions' The Untouchables, 1961, Desilu Productions' Star Trek, 1966; and Mission: Impossible, 1972, is born this date in 1911.

Gerald O'Loughlin, Desilu Productions' Mannix, 1968, Mission: Impossible, 1968, 1971; Desi Arnaz, IV, co-star, Automan, 13 episodes, 1983-1984, is born this date in 1921.

Harry Guardino, Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse, 1959; Desilu Productions' Here's Hollywood 1962, The Untouchables, 1960, 1961, 1962, and The Greatest Show on Earth, 1963; guest-appeared with Desi Arnaz, The Hollywood Squares, 1972; as well as with Lucie Arnaz, Night of 100 Stars, 1982, is born this date in 1925.

Ronnie Schell, One-of-Six Headliner(s) for the Lucy-Desi Memorial Day Festival in Jamestown, NY, 1997, is born this date in 1931.

Lucille Ball, and co-star, Richard Denning, appear, My Favorite Husband “The Sleigh Rideâ€, co-starring veteran supporting cast members, Frank Nelson, Hans Conried, and Jay Novello, airs this date in 1949.

Lucille Ball, and co-star, Richard Denning, appear, My Favorite Husband “The Christmas Stagâ€, co-starring veteran supporting cast member, Jay Novello, airs this date in 1950.

Desilu Productions' Shower of Stars, this issue: “A Christmas Carolâ€, Ralph Levy, Director; William Lundigan, Host; and co-starring Frederic March, Basil Rathbone, and Bob Sweeney, among others, airs this date in 1954.

Desi Arnaz and Orchestra record the background music, (“I Love Lucyâ€) Episode #117, which is filmed this date in 1954.

Charles Victor, Lucille Ball early film-career co-star, 1942, as well as guest cast member, (“I Love Lucyâ€) 1952, dies this date in 1965.

The Lucy Show, “The Loophole in the Lease†- Lucy and Viv argue over a leak and the lease, airing this date in 1963.

Charles Ruggles, co-star, Lucille Ball 1936; co-star, William Frawley (Lucy's Fred Mertz) 1939, 1940; Desilu Studios-filmed The Red Skelton Show, 1957, 1958, 1959; guest co-star, Desilu Productions' Here? Hollywood, 1961, Ernestine, 1962, and The Comedy Spot, 1962, Vacation Playhouse, 1963; Desilu Studios-filmed My Living Doll, 1964; as well as with Lucille Ball (both via archival footage), Hollywood Without Make-Up, 1963, dies this date in 1970.

Desi Arnaz IV stars in Tomorrow Entertainment, Inc., Marco, as Marco Polo, co-starring, among others, Zero Mostel and Jack Weston, airing in 1973.

Desi Arnaz IV stars in Warner Brothers' TV, Quinn Martin Production's, Streets of San Francisco, Season 1, Episode 10, “In Case Of Madnessâ€, as B. J. Palmer, co-starring Karl Malden and Richard Hatch, airing this date in 1976.

Gino Corrado, co-star, Lucille Ball, 2 films, 1934, 3 films, 1935, and 1 film, all uncredited roles, 1940; co-star, William Frawley (Lucy's Fred Mertz), 1941, 1942, 1945, 2 films, all uncredited roles, 1947, dies this date in 1982.

Desi Arnaz Memorial Resolution, by the Honorable Sunny Mojonnier, 75th Assembly District, Members Resolution #76, is signed this date in 1986.

Patric Knowles, Lucille Ball early film-career co-star, dies this date in 1995.

NY Times, Dinitia Smith: “The Newest Wasserstein Creation Comes Home,†published this date in 1999.

PBS American Masters, Finding Lucy - Documentary of Lucille Ball, the Lucy behind the wacky character she portrays on television, in 2000.

Billy Barty, Lucille Ball early film-career co-star, 1933, guest, Desilu Studios-filmed, The Joey Bishop Show, 1963, as well as with Desi Arnaz and Lucille, via archival footage, Off the Menu: The Last Days of Chasen's, 1997, dies this date in 2000.

Maxim: Millenium men's magazine runs a feature 'Head to Head', proving the power of the ("I Love Lucy") characters phenomenon: pitting similar names to each other, in 2001.

Estelle Oppenheimer, wife of Jess Oppenheimer, creator of ("I Love Lucy"), dies this date in 2007.

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