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Lucy Waits Up For Chris - Promo vs. Episode

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This interesting video highlights some differences between the clips shown in the original show promo compared to the final episode. Notably, alternate camera angles for the trampoline scene and a different take for one of Lucy's lines, "well, it's a start."


Given the slightly different lighting, I'd say the take used in the final episode was one of the inserted close-ups, whereas the promo used the in-show take. I had not noticed these details until now.


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Cool stuff! It's for things like this that I love YouTube so much! Yeah, I dunno....Gotta take into account that it was the very first episode and despite the expertise of all involved, they were "refinding" their way after a few years off so.... I just can't help wonder -- since the "pick up" shots weren't really necessary if Big Red just wanted more close-ups??? I don't see any other "lojicul 'splanation" for the need to have those inserts where they were.....not to mention the fact her hair didn't quite match (I know, I know, pick pick pick)! :blink:

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