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Paris at Last

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This episode is just plain epic. Lucy's franglais "Le painting . . ." "It is very difficile to chooseheere . . ."  :D ...and the whole sidewalk cafe scene, and the Translation scene. lol! Lucy making her "melting" " :lucyeww: " face to the Gendarme to prove that it was her passport was priceless, as was the audience reaction. I love how Fred and Ethel just happen to be in a tour group that walks by the cafe.


:viv1: "You do too COMPRENDE ENGLISH!" 


Then they get arrested as well. This episode looked like it was a blast to work on. But maybe not too much because many of the actors had to speak another language and it probably was a lot more work than it seemed. I never noticed how when the Garcon asks "comment allez vous," Lucy Ricardo quickly mouths the words so she can think of what to say next. And when she tries to "imitate" the snails, she does this thing with her fingers across the table like it's slithering. 


:lucyhehe: "Mon Marie is a big bandleader! BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM!"  :D


How many of those actors were actually French? Wasn't the waiter the guy who gave Lucy and Ethel French lessons?

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