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really nice pix of Lucy I had never seen before


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Hmm...just worked for me....sure you gave it a chance  to load? Or try your refresh (F5 button if on a PC; not sure what the Mac equivalent is) and see if it works then. :)


It's worth it it does have mostly familiar but still beautiful and/or fairly rare shots. :peachonthebeach:

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Photo 18 appears misdated.  It looks more like 1965 than 1955.  Overall, great, little-seen batch of photos.

Good catch! And you're right, it probably was taken the same time as #24. 


These are both curious to me because I don't ever remember hearing about her "owning" a place in NYC -- even during the "Wildcat" run -- until years later when she got a place ostensibly to stay at when she visited Lucie, Larry and their burgeoning brood. :blink:

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