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Janet Waldo has died


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I googled her and the first three listings had three different YOBs:  1918, 1920 and 1924.

I thought I read somewhere that she and Desi were born the same year 1917.

Also read previous to that she was born in 1927.   So which is it?


Whatever the year, she looked very young, certainly could pass for a teenager in 1952 as Peggy.  She didn't look like she was 45, 44 or 42 as Lucy Carmichael's sister. 

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Too bad. She's probably one of the last (if not THE last) person to have appeared in the first season of ILL. My only knowledge of Peggy The Perpetual Jiggler is that her birthdate is widely disputed. Maybe an official year will come out now that she's gone.


David Stollery and Sammy Ogg who played Jimmy and Timmy are still alive.

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Better NOT forget Tibby....


Here's a STRANGE regarding Janet, from IMDb::  [Harry or any other MFH expert; can you verify?:]


Can't get ​what I found to copy over from Word:


​Essentially, "Janet earned her guest shot, ('I Love Lucy') by starring in one of last Radio, MFH, episodes, as Katy, The Maid 'Lucy's Final Sitcom', 50th anniversary Reunion Performance . . . .

 [this is something I also have not heard about and would like to find out more about, as well...[.joyce kellogg]


​[can anyone verify the above information?]  It's on Waldo's bio page IMDb, which many have said is rather 'probably not factual'....  TX!  as well as year of birth, which IMDb says is 2/4/1920!  Like to have the chronology as close to perfect as I can. 

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