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Kate & Allie tribute

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Thanks for sharing this Boss! Truly enjoyable and the gals, Jane in particular did an admirable job.


I don't remember seeing this before but dontcha love YouTube?? Where else can you find these rare gems? So cool.


Trivia Time: Writer credited is Bill Persky, who also wrote with long-time partner Sam Denoff for The Dick Van Dyke Show, That Girl and Good Morning World among many other now-classic sitcoms filmed at or associated with Desilu!  :gasp:

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Here is a letter the producers wrote thanking Lucy but this was a year after the episode aired 3/2/1987

Very cool! Wonder what prompted it considering they waited so long to send it??


Interesting they addressed her as "Ms." not "Miss" (bet she cringed at that!!) :blink:


Oh and (see, the old secretary in me can't "turn off" the proofreading thing) I'm pretty sure her zip -- like the show -- was 90210!  ;)

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